Friday, June 22, 2012

Bandai Mothra (Larva, 2003) Male Figure Review

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. ranks as one of my top 3 Godzilla movies from the Millennium Era. I thought the movie was fun and entertaining. To my standards, the fight scenes from the monsters definitely makes up for whatever lacked in the story line. At this point in time, releasing Godzilla figures around the same time of a movie premiere was the norm. Therefore without any further ado, I present to you, Bandai's Mothra Larva B (2003).

The Figure:  This Mothra is labeled B to separate this version (male) from the other (female). There are some key features to identify when you're looking for this specific figure. This version (male) has freckles, the body is curved, and his mandible is open. The female does not have these features. Mothra went through a complete makeover since his/her last performance.

The overall design looks pretty neat, with my favorite detail being, what looks like, battle marks around the sides and face of this worm. The marks on his face and bumps that span though out his sides shows me a hatchling that has already been through a tough time for the sake of avenging his mom while saving the world from Godzilla alongside Kiryu and Mothra A. I could be wrong about that detail, but my imagination prefers to see them in a different light.

Mothra is molded out of soft, brown vinyl with darker brown highlights, blue pearl eyes, and a metallic gray mandible. This may be my most favorite design for a Mothra Larva figure to this date and I can't note any flaw of this figure whatsoever.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  Mothra is shorter, but he's as long as Kiryu. Mothra seems to be just a little big in length, but otherwise in great scale with Kiryu and perhaps Godzilla (2003).

Final Thoughts:  I think this figure is unique enough to be on anyone's want list. Not only did Bandai cleverly alter this toy to make him distinct from his other twin, they also included other details that is far from disappointing. Scale wise, Mothra seems big enough to be perfectly paired with other monsters that appeared in the same film. I recommend anyone to buy this version with or without a tag. Any preference is fine.


  1. it's pretty cool looking!
    but no matter how i stare at it, it still kinda looks like a cigar. xD

    1. lol! I hope you thinking of Cuban cigars.


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