Sunday, September 30, 2012

Charapro Great Nita Figure Deluxe Set

This set has got to be one of the best batches that Charapro has released because there is an abundance of accessories included. Great Nita is an alter ego that death match legend Atsushi Onita adopted as early as 1994. Of course, his gimmick was inspired by the Great Muta.

Eventually, the two egos collided in a "No Rope, Barbed Wire, Barricade Electric Land Mine, Double Hell Death match." The Great Nita figure in this blister pack comes with enough barbed wire ropes to wrap entirely around a NJPW figure ring, Great Nita's ninja hood/headgear, a sickle attached to a link of chain, Onita's folded chair weapon, and a fire blowing effect. That's a total of five separate accessories! If you already have Cyber Muta in your collection, this set will allow you to display both Muta and Nita in the ring in commemoration of that match.

If there's one thing I don't understand in anything that glorifies Japanese puroresu culture is when a pro-wrestling character that "throws" fire becomes a fire "blower" in figures, illustrations, or video games. For example, the Original Sheik (Ed Farhat) and the Great Nita threw fire as a last resort during their wrestling matches, but have never blew fire ever like Mr. Pogo. Yet somehow, the Sheik blows fire in video games such as Wrestle Kingdom II and Fire Pro-wrestling Returns. Similarly, the Great Nita was handed a fire blowing effect in this figure set. I'm not sure if there couldn't be some compromise to try a fire throwing effect at all, and the motive behind this alternative can be misunderstood as just being lazy. At least the concept of using fire as a weapon was utilized somehow.

What makes this set perfect for any collector out there is you have the option to change a traditional NJPW wrestling ring into a perfect death match setting, and you can put any figure you own inside the ring to simulate any dream match you have in mind. This reason alone, may be the cause to why this bunch is rare and still desirable.

Update (8/24/13):  Check out another review of the Great Nita loose here:

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