Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kabaya's Fortress Maximus DX Launcher Base + Fortress Quick Review

Just like I've done with Fortress Maximus DX Box #1, I'll do a quick review of the FM's Launcher Base and Fortress (Cerebros) that has been sold separately in Box #2.

The color of the plastic is just about the same as the Commander Base:  White, grey, red, and blue. The Launcher Base contains two pairs of red mounted guns that can be folded up and down. The left arm, by itself, serves no added purpose besides being part of the building. There are also two red panels that open:  one on the side and one on the arm.

The Launcher Base's gimmick is the rotating knob on the left side of the tower that rotates the top launching strip, when that knob turns.

Included with this model kit is Fortress (Cerebros), who basically serves the same function as the larger scaled version of the toy. This robot was the most difficult part of the assembly, due to the giant robot's face that had to be pegged on Fortress' back. The problem was one of those pegs were too thick, which required a lot of unnecessary force to snap that piece in completely while carefully avoiding those tiny limbs so they don't break in your hands while applying force. Luckily, nothing broke on this tiny toy. In terms of articulation, they are limited to the arms that rotate 360 and the legs that fold together during transformation. Any form of poseability from Fortress is impossible. However, Fortress does have some great detail, thanks to the stickers that came with him. To transform Fortress into a giant head, just fold the legs back and raise the visor.

Although assembling this set was more of a pain than the commander base, I am still pleased with the results. This building is neat and there is an added gimmick for your pleasure, albeit not as cool as the commander base. However, when comparing the Autobot companions together, Fortress (Cerebros) looks and feels better out of the two. The third base, Sky Base, is not too far away, so look forward to the final piece that puts Fortress Maximus together.

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