Sunday, September 8, 2013

Transformers Generations Deluxe Orion Pax Review

Honestly, Orion Pax was not a toy I would consider buying because the thought of owning a Pre-Optimus Prime figure didn't seem appealing. That is until I saw the figure in person in my local K-Mart store. Well, I ended up buying him and now we get to see how Orion Pax fares in among his other companions and enemies released in this wave.

Orion has Optimus' traditional colors of red, blue, and some yellow parts. The yellow paint applications came out a bit of a disappointment, as they show signs of being applied too thin, while some have bled on Orion's red hood.

However, the silver paint came out just right. Perhaps the biggest peeve of this truck just has to be those flat grey panels in the bed of the truck that would look better in silver as well. Besides that, there are a lot of really cool spots on the design of this truck. The best details are the silver rims, sophisticating looking hood, and the clear windshield with an Autobot insignia and metal structural components behind it.

As a robot mode, Orion Pax has some great proportions on him. The bulkiest part on his body is below the knees, but they are not distracting by no means. In the upper chest and arms region, Orion Pax isn't beefy like Optimus Prime, but the structure does look very subtle and fantastic on it's own. There aren't that many kibble to deter anyone from buying Orion Pax. The back panels seen on the truck mode are exposed on Orion's forearms and there are wheels sticking out of Orion's back and calves. The good news is compared to other robots previously seen from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters or FOC line, Orion Pax is barely that hollow. Beyond the set of wheels that stick out of Orion's back, there is a half inch wide cavity that is hidden well enough to not be an issue here. The colors on Orion Pax is simply stunning. His colors follows the same as Optimus Prime:  red upper torso, blue hands, blue legs and feet, and silver, or in this case grey, waist and upper thighs.

Orion's head has some fabulous detail. His head structure is reminiscent of Prime, but minus the mouth shield. There is some light piping, but because Orion has a panel blocking the back of his head, he must be positioned at an angle to a light to display them.

Orion Pax comes with two weapons:  An Ion Blaster and an Energon Axe. The axe was molded from transparent red plastic and the shaft is painted black. The Ion Blaster was molded out of charcoal grey plastic. Both weapons can be stored on Orion in vehicle mode.

Orion Pax was definitely a diamond in the rough through my eyes and normal preferences. I love how Orion's colors are still remotely the same as Optimus, the head design is cool, and the engineering is wonderful. I'm certain that any fan of IDW comics rendition of Transformers or a fan of Orion Pax in general, will like this figure also.

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