Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kabaya's Fortress Maximus DX Commander Base + Charger Quick Review

Commander Base and Charger are one out of three separate kits that are needed to complete Fortress Maximus. As mentioned in the latest edition of Let's Build A Model, this part took me over an hour to complete, mostly due to my meticulous side spending a lot of time trying to trim some leftover sprues and applying stickers almost perfectly. I'm certain other modelers finished theirs in under an hour, but that's okay. Overall, I am satisfied with what I have accomplished, and now I'll just quickly explain what the first piece to Fortress Maximus looks like.

The commander base is predominantly grey colored plastic with some blue and red parts. The tower has two blue guns mounted on the side, and concealed inside is a set of red guns, which will not come into play, until Fortress Maximus transforms into robot mode. There are two flaps beside the ramp, which could be used for storage.

Kabaya included a fair amount of stickers to prevent the command center from looking too bland. There are three Autobot insignias (two on the tower, and one on the base), a sticker for the back window, and one more set for the car ramp.

Behind the command center is a lever which activates a raised platform that will push Charger down the car ramp.

Charger has a tiny set of wheels and car stickers to decorate most of his body; and can transform by folding the feet down, then pulling the arms out. Unfortunately, Charger is more like a stationary robot that doesn't really do much. However, this extra accessory is appreciated, after all, can you imagine a Fortress Maximus toy without his Autobot companions?

Overall, a neat little building, and I look forward to building set #2.

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