Sunday, September 15, 2013

Launcher Base + Fortress (Kabaya DX Fortress Maximus Box #2)

On today's edition of Let's Build A Model, I will build the second piece (Box #2) of Kabaya's DX Fortress Maximus model kit. This set is named, "Laucher Base + Fortress (Cerebros)." Now then, onto the build!

Step 1.)  Piece together the inner mechanics of the tower, before adding the panels and base. Make sure that all pieces are flushed all the way prior to moving on to the next step.

Step 2.)  Attach the two side doors.

Step 3.)  Build another set of guns, which will be plugged into the side door.

Step 4.)  Put the arms together, then cover the shoulder with a sticker.

Step 5.)  Build one of the side (white) ramps then cover those pieces with stickers. Then peg those parts to the tower.

Step 6.)  Put Fortress (Cerebros) together, then decorate it with stickers. This process was the biggest pain because one of the pegs behind Fortress' giant head were too thick to snap in with ease. I also had to avoid snapping those thin arms or legs, while attempting to flush the giant face all the way in Fortress' back, which wasn't easy.

Final Product

As I dive deeper into this process, my anticipation to see the final assembled product grows bigger. Fortress is coming a long great and I will be sad once the entire model is complete because building crafts of any kind has always been one of my favorite hobbies. Although completing this model was quicker than the time spent on the first one, my total time of completion was still over an hour (roughly 1 hour 18 minutes).

Once again, I will do just a quick review of the launcher base and Fortress in a separate post.

On the next edition of Let's Build A Model! is the final piece to DX Fortress Maximus (Box #3), named "Sky Base + Powerglide."

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