Sunday, July 1, 2012

Takara Transformers EZ Collection Megatron Review

I'm back to reviewing Transformers again, and this time I'd like to finally start with one of a few figures I bought from Kawaii-Kon. What can I say about Megatron that hasn't been said already? Megatron, love him or hate him, is one of the driving forces behind Transformers' popularity. You just can't say Optimus Prime without mentioning Megatron. As a casual fan, I prefer G1 Transformers due to nostalgia. Therefore, this miniature piece seemed like a perfect find for me. Now then, on to the review!

Alt Mode:  Megatron's alternate mode is a Walther P38 pistol, much like his original form in Transformers Season 1, with some features missing. The pistol lacks a scope and a trigger guard, which is sort of a bummer, but at least we can still identify the model. Overall, I like the details on this mode. The barrel looks good, the handle has a grip, and there is all kinds of latches and locks on the slide. There is even a purple Decepticon symbol on the side, which makes this gun pop. Perhaps the best reason to buy Takara's version is there's no orange cap on the barrel. This version was designed for a release in Japan, where an orange cap law doesn't exist. Hasbro did release a figure identical to this, but with a few alterations in America. Unfortunately, a good portion of authenticity was missing. One thing I should point out though, is this figure's trigger is stationary and does not click at all.

Transformation:  Click the photo to see the instructions in high-res.

Robot Mode:  Like Megatron's alternate mode, his robot mode is very true to his classic G1 appearance. The detail is great because most of Megatron's traits are present, including a cannon on his right arm. Almost everything have been perfectly captured for a figure of this size. Even the details on Megatron's torso is flawless. Megatron's expression has this evil laugh as if his devious plan to steal precious energy came perfectly together at that moment. I can't think of anything bad to point out, except his cannon is made from a barrel instead of the scope, but that doesn't bother me at all. This is still a great figure!

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  By comparing G1 Megatron with G2 Megatron, the original version (G1) stands taller. I sense Optimus Prime is out there somewhere laughing at G2 Megatron's shortcomings.

Final Thoughts:  Hands down, I recommend this figure, especially if you're looking to own a Legends class G1 Megatron without the orange cap. The detail is great on both forms and this figure does bring back some nostalgia. Moreover, the Decepticon symbol on this version does stand out more than Hasbro's version.


  1. Haha, love the little exchange between G1 and G2 Megatron!


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