Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SDCC Exclusive S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (Comic-Con Explosion) Figure Review

Today I want to do a quick, yet special review of San Diego Comic-Con's exclusive S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (Comic-Con Explosion) figure. This figure could only be purchased in SDCC, although you can buy this figure on ebay. I was lucky enough to have my friend buy this for me at SDCC price. Here is what's inside the box.

Box Art:  I usually don't review boxes, but this one is worth mentioning. The front has a cool illustration of Godzilla in his meltdown phase with glowing yellow eyes and fiery breath. The cartoon also comes with the SDCC and other logos.

On the back, you can see Godzilla stomping through the San Diego Convention Center as innocent civilians evacuate the street in fear. I like how the San Diego Comic-Con and Tamashii Nations' logos were included amongst other details.

The drawings were done by Yasushi Torisawa, and I admit the box designs alone really draws you in.

The Figure:  This exclusive figure borrows the same design as his normal self, but was recolored into Godzilla's ever so popular meltdown phase from Godzilla vs Destoroyah.

Godzilla is molded from translucent orange and red PVC, while the claws, toes, and fingers are painted yellow. The eyes are painted orange with no pupils, which naturally adds intensity to Godzilla's unstable condition. When you open Godzilla's mouth, you can see his translucent red tongue.

All of the joints seems to be very tight with an exception to the lower jaw, which is my only complaint. The joint is so loose, I fear that Godzilla's jaw can pop out if I'm not careful. Aside from that, I really enjoy everything else there is to offer.

Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  If you love Godzilla's meltdown phase, you'll love this figure too! However, I'd like everyone to be informed before I make my recommendation. Before anyone buys this figure for $100+, please be aware that the figure originally sold for $55. I know getting the exact amount is near impossible, but my recommendation is to buy this figure for something close to the original amount as possible. The figure is a great collector's piece, but I really don't think anyone should pay for double the amount anywhere. How high are you willing to go? Well that's your decision, but try not to pay too much. Also, please remember that this figure is recommended for collectors ages 15 and up.

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  1. I would be lucky to find it at $100 USD, beacause now a new one is selling at $200 USD!


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