Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fave Rave: Bandai HG Godzilla '74 Figure

There was a time when I loved to collect Godzilla HG (High Grade) figures distributed by Bandai. These 3 inch figures were in plastic capsules with catalog inserts and sold through toy dispensing machines. Godzilla '74 was a part of the ninth Godzilla High Grade set.

This figure is modeled after the suit that was used in Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla. The figure boasts tremendous details as it features movie accurate skin texture, body figure, a single set of back fins, and facial features.

What makes this version of Godzilla my favorite among the others is his accessory. Godzilla '74 comes with a set of two right arms.

One looks perfectly normal, but the other as a piece of skin torn off, which reveals Mechagodzilla's titanium arm. So basically, you have the option to display Godzilla as himself, or Mechagodzilla under disguise.

I prefer to display this figure as Mechagozilla posing as his enemy because the small section of titanium armor stands out better. I highly recommend this figure for anyone who loves to collect toys from the Godzilla High Grade series.

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