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S.H. MonsterArts SpaceGodzilla Figure Revew

SpaceGodzilla is one of those monsters that receives a pretty good fan base, despite his underrated appearance in Godzilla Vs SpaceGodzilla, which was deemed as perhaps the weakest entry in the Heisei Series. This review is a little more special to me because S.H. MonsterArts SpaceGodzilla happens to be the first Kaiju toy I bought upon it's debut. I have never owned a standard Bandai SpaceGodzilla before because I thought while the toy overall looks okay, there were some features that could've been readjusted. When S.H. MonsterArts announced their release of this monster that is completely redesigned with 29 points of articulation, I had to buy him ASAP. However, did S.H. MonsterArts live up to the hype? Review START!

Profile:  SpaceGodzilla debuted in Godzilla Vs SpaceGodzilla, which debuted in 1994. His actual origin is unknown because scientists narrowed SpaceGodzilla's cause of existence down to two theories. One theory is Godzilla's cells were sent into outer space when Biollante left this planet after her battle with Godzilla (Godzilla vs Biollante, 1989). The other theory is Godzilla's cells flaked off Mothra as she departed into outer space in order to destroy a meteor which will apparently to destroy Earth in 1999 (Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth, 1992). Godzilla's cells were then sucked into the Black Hole as they were heavily mutated, then emerged from the White Hole as a clone.

  • Fire a Corona Beam from his mouth that he can control in midair.
  • Two shoulder crystals that can generate a Gravity Tornado and lift other objects or himself.
  • Unleash bolts of energy from his shoulder crystals. 
  • Encase his body in a shield to deflect projectiles.
  • Fly at the speed of mach 3 by means of enclosing himself in crystals.
  • SpaceGodzilla's powers increase by being near gigantic crystals that he creates.
  • Implant cosmic power in structures that can transmit a signal and have them act as an energy source.
  • Emit an aura that causes electrical disturbances.

The Figure:  First impression is always important. With that said, I am completely blown away by the look of this figure!

In my opinion, the craftsmanship far exceeds SpaceGodzilla's standard 6 inch version from Bandai. There are zero bland spots on the body, you see all sorts of textures every where. Just like Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla keeps a hostile expression on his face with his mouth opened or closed.

The claws, teeth, horn, and crystallized spines and shoulders are pointy and sharp so be very careful when handling them. Do not give this figure into the hands of a careless child. The body is molded out of dark navy, and the paint job on him definitely complements each other for a monster that was created in outer space.

My favorite details are the silver crystal spines that run from the back of SpaceGodzilla's head all the way to the tip of the tail.

The crystals on SpaceGodzilla's back are molded out of clear vinyl, but because of the silver tint they still look semi transparent. However, they do shine very well when placed under a light. My one gripe about the choice of colors is I think SpaceGodzilla's chest and abdominal area would look better in red than purple. Oh well, At least you can see some glowing shades of fuchsia around the shoulders.
Figure Specs:
  • Height:  6 1/2 inches tall (from shoulder to feet); 6 1/4 inches tall(from head to feet).
  • Length:  10 inches long (tail curved all the way); 14 inches long (tail straight).
  • Width: 3 7/8 inches wide.

  • Corona beam effect.
  • Clear arm.
  • Crystal base for the effect.
The gold corona beam effect is made out of a softer, flexible plastic and it fits easily in SpaceGodzilla's mouth.

In fact, the beam is light enough to be fitted securely without some added support from the clear arm and base.

The base depicts SpaceGodzilla's energy crystals that emerge from the ground. The crystals are painted silver and is very pointy, so please be careful.

  • The head can swivel up, down, and sideways.
  • Slight swivel in the abdominal region.
  • Arms bend at the forearm and double jointed elbow.
  • Wrists can slightly bend and rotate.
  • Tail can swivel up, down, and sideways.
  • Legs swivels at the hip as well as the double jointed knees and ankles.
SpaceGodzilla has a better range of motion than Godzilla, but is still limited due to the body's design. You have the option to make SpaceGodzilla stand upright or crouch slightly closer to the ground.

I should warn you though, where there's more motion, there will be more loose body sections sitting and sandwiched in between. There are some parts on Space Godzilla's body, such as the knees that are frankly just rests between the thighs and ankles completely unfastened. The knees only stay in place because the fastened parts molded around them are in the way. I realize these methods are needed for a huge range of motion, but in the case of SpaceGodzilla's neck, which isn't fastened, leaves an awkward bulge and gap when he looks up. Of course, this doesn't mean the figure is broken, that's just the way it is.

Size Comparison:  SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla just barely stands eye to eye due to SpaceGodzilla's slouch.

However, they still stand almost perfectly in scale with each other. I found both figures fun to use when you're creating different poses of them fighting, and with SpaceGodzilla's impressive mobility you have more options to explore.

Final Thoughts:  Once again the main issue here, for those who cannot decide, is if the price justifies the quality of this figure? I sense that the quality is definitely above par, but not quite around $80. If you're peeved of minuscule details like body sections that seems somewhat unsecured and spins around when you bend some limbs around, you probably won't like this figure. However, at the end of the day, this toy does look more aesthetically pleasing compared to standard SpaceGodzilla figures produced by Bandai, and the wider range of motion can fill most of your expectations. Did I mention how much I like the sculpt and paint job? Rest assured he makes a great display alongside other S.H. MonstArts or Revoltech figures. I recommend SpaceGodzilla, but at your own discretion. If you want the figure, but think the value should be lower than what SpaceGodzilla is being sold for right now, there is always an option of waiting for a better deal to show up someday.

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