Sunday, July 8, 2012

Takara Transformers EZ Collection Bumblebee Review

Bumblebee is another figure that I picked up from Kawaii-Kon. These figures were selected at random, and when I found this guy, I didn't know what to make of it. However, I do take the time to give every toy a fair chance, by thoroughly analyzing the overall presentation. Here's what I observed....

Alt Mode:  Bumblebee's alternate mode is very similar to Classics Deluxe Bumblebee. Because Voltswagen refused to affiliate their product with Transformers, Bumblebee became a custom car. This car is not a specific model at all.

Regardless, the design looks compact and sporty. The body color is yellow and the wheels are all black, which is much similar to G1 Bumblebee. I'm not too thrilled with the color of Bumblebee's headlights, but I do like the Autobots symbol on the roof. My complaint with this vehicle mode is he barely rolls perfectly on his wheels.

Transformation:  Click the image below to view the instructions in high-resolution.

Robot Mode:  Bumblebee's head seems to pay homage to G1 Bumblebee. Also, when transformed to robot mode, the Autobots symbol is positioned on the center of Bumblebee's chest.

I don't really agree with the idea to have Bumblebee's arm molded on to his shields. The result was his arms looks so slender, you'd think Bumblebee didn't have arms at all. Despite my complaint, the other details look okay.

Figure Specs:

Articulation:  Bumblebee have a pretty fair range of articulation, with the only disappointment being that he can't bend his knees or elbows. At least Bumblebee can pose like Gumby or do a fantastic head stand.

Size Comparison:  Bumblebee stands around the same height of G1 Megatron, so the scale is definitely off here. To my knowledge, Bumblebee should be way shorter, yet this figure is still a tad taller than G2 Megatron.

Final Thoughts:  To be honest, when I consider the other figures to choose from this series, Bumblebee doesn't rank that high on my list. The vehicle mode is cool, but the robot mode leaves a little more to desire, which is why I wouldn't really recommend this figure as your first choice amongst the EZ Collection series. Bumblebee is okay if you're looking to complete your collection, but he shouldn't be your first figure to purchase. Well, these figures are sold randomly in the same box art, so you have no control over that, unless you bought Bumblebee loose. But still, pass on him for now until he's needed.

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