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S.H. MonsterArts Effects and Toho Super Weapons Set

This weapons and effects set is the very first web exclusive product from S.H. MonsterArts, and was released in Fall 2011. Since this set became way out of production, the prices have immediately sky rocketed to at least double the initial market price.


Super-X2 is an aircraft used by the EDF (Earth Defense Force), and was featured in the movie Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989). This aerial vehicle is an upgrade to the original Super X machine, which was battered in The Return of Godzilla (1984).

Aesthetically, this model does a decent job in emulating the aircraft, but without the additional paint applications, like "Super X2" or other labels on this toy, Tamashii Nation's final product appears rather bland.

The good news for fans, who really appreciate movie accuracy, is there are two display options with this toy that reenacts certain scenes. One, is to leave the front end closed and peg a set of missile launchers on top. Another, is replace the front end with the fire mirror weapon and missile launchers with a roof panel.

Of course, arming the Super-X2 with the fire mirror and missiles together, as a third option, makes this weapon look even more intimidating, and probably the most favored in display.

ASTOL-MB93 aircraft (3)

These aircrafts were introduced in Toho's 90s remake, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993). These machines fly 650 km/hour and is armed with two cannons on both sides that shoot powerful plasma rays. Spoil alert, Godzilla still destroys these aircrafts with ease.

The amount of details and paint applications are pretty well done on these planes. These replicas are molded out of flat green plastic. The maser barrels are painted silver, and a panel is colored glossy orange.

F-16 Fighting Falcons (3)

F-16 fighter jets were also featured in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993). They can fly up to Mach 2, and are equipped with machine guns and missiles, which for obvious reasons, aren't fully functional in these tiny-scaled models.

Regardless, these miniatures were also made with much attention to detail. The panel lines are nicely done, and the glossy paint job is beyond satisfactory.

MBAW-93 (4)

MBAW-93 tanks first emerged in Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth (1992), where they fought against Battra (larva), but with no success. They are armed with two maser cannons.

These tanks are molded out of flat green plastic, touched with some silver painted barrel tips and dark grey tank treads. They look outstanding and is definitely worth having them displayed together in groups. The pair of maser cannons are able to rotate 360 degrees.

MBT-92 (5)

The MBT-92 maser tanks have been around since Godzilla vs. Biollante. These tanks contain only one maser beam cannon mounted on top of the vehicle.

These vehicles are also molded out of green plastic, with some slight paint applications, but enough to make these tiny tanks pop. To add more authenticity to this toy, the barrel of the maser cannon is molded out of clear plastic touched with some silver paint. The maser canon can rotate 360 degrees.

Atomic Breath (Red)

Godzilla's extra breath effect and stand are basically the same mold as the original blue version, except this one is orange blended with some silver and red. The details are identical also, so there's really not much to say about this subject.


To make all of the aerial vehicles look a little more animated, especially when they're displayed next to any kaiju, Tamashii Nations included some stands for those mid-air stills. Some are specifically made to allow an army of ASTOL-MB93 and F-16 aircrafts to attack as a unit, which adds more value to this set.

There are five (clear) articulated arms, and two different base stands. One has a red Godzilla silhouette, while the other has the G-Force logo.


If anyone felt his/her S.H. MonsterArts kaiju figures felt incomplete without some military vehicles to destroy, this set will satisfy their needs. However, these box sets still remain difficult to get due to the high asking prices that most, if not all sellers are stating online.

The good news though, is that anyone, who missed the first run of these accessories, will have a chance to purchase two new special effects/weapons boxed sets from S.H. MonsterArts in September/October of 2014. These new sets will include the Super-X3, grey builings, more military aircrafts, vehicles, and two atomic breath effects for Godzilla.

If you're still adamant to own the first Effects and Super Weapons set, the best advice I could give is to find one around $90 or under. Anything in that region is considered a reasonable price or bargain.

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