Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Transformers Commemorative Series Prowl Figure Review

I normally post Transformers reviews on Sundays in a segment called "Saibaa Nichiyoobi," but for today I'll make an exception. Transformers Commemorative Series was a special exclusive series in Toys R Us that featured reissued classic G1 toys. Prowl was released in the fourth series along with Red Alert and Skywarp. I'd like to give a special thanks to my good friend WimpLo for this figure.

Vehicle Mode:  Prowl's vehicle mode is a Nissan Fairlady Z (Datsun 280ZX) police car. A very interesting selection, considering we usually don't see many sports cars used by our local police department in the states (at least in HI).

The entire body is made from die-cast that has been painted in black and white then decorated with decals. The body also has police lights and blue painted headlights. The stickers add a really nice vintage cartoony look without affecting the overall appeal of a police vehicle. Not to mention the Autobot symbols also makes the look so sweet. Prowls wheels are made of rubber with chromed rims, which allows the car to roll with ease and great traction.

Transformation:  Click the image below for higher resolution.

Robot Mode:  Prowl's robot mode looks simple, yet very neat considering a toy from the 80s.

By comparing this figure with the illustration on the box, the details are pretty spot on. Prowl comes with his very own segway that is already stationed to his feet. I'm just kidding...those are his real feet.

They may be huge or limit any movement from the legs, but keep in mind that these vintage toys were engineered to allow simple transformation processes, while keeping as many critical details or key features as possible. For what it is, this toy serves it's purpose very well and I cannot complain about that. What makes this reissue different from the original figure is the color of Prowl's weaponry. His two missile launchers are matte gray with black tips, and the laser gun is all black. Likewise, the original version has white missile launchers with chrome tips, and a chrome laser gun.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  Unfortunately, Prowl is too small compared to other deluxe class Transformers. However, Kabaya's model of Starscream seems to be a better match for this toy.

Final Thoughts:  To my knowledge this version of Prowl has been reissued twice to this day, with my figure being one of them. With that said, I still recommend this figure simply because reissues always serve as a cheaper alternative to the original, and they still give you a reason to collect them for the sake of comparisons or owning a range of variety. Despite Prowls inability to move his lower limbs, I find the back spurs....I mean his wheels very amusing in a good way. So far, this is one of my favorite toys among my other classic G1 figures.


  1. His car-mode is based off of Japanese police cars that, surprisingly, is still pretty common today. I see many "Prowls" around here!

    1. Ah yes, Japanese police cars that constantly utilizes logic and reason to patrol the neighborhood. Hopefully they are also a socialite.


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