Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bandai Creations Godzilla 2014 Review

I honestly, did not see this figure coming at all. I assumed Bandai Japan would be the only one that makes a vinyl figure based on the newest Godzilla (2014). Turns out Bandai (presumably) America created a Godzilla vinyl figure of their own too. Here is, Bandai Creations Godzilla 2014!


What immediately stands out from this figure is Godzilla's crafted pose, as he is really expressive for a toy that doesn't have much articulation. Godzilla stands with his head tilted up, roaring, and tail curling to the left. This direction added more character, compared to if this toy stood ordinary. Ordinary, meaning Godzilla standing straight, feet that are evenly planted and quite close together, arms to the sides with elbows bent 90 degrees, and face looking forward.

This figure also boasts the right skin details. Godzilla has various forms of diamond patterned scales, crocodile like skin, gills, and other reptile textures. The carvings in the exterior, especially the layers of diamond shaped scales, are pretty well refined.

The colors on this figure aren't completely accurate, but what were chosen happened to successfully distinguish this version from other Godzilla 2014 toys. Godzilla is made from molded grey vinyl. The coat of paint that runs from Godzilla's neck to the tip of his tail is lighter grey. His eyes were painted yellow, tongue was colored red, and the teeth were individually painted white.


Godzilla has the normal articulated capabilities as one would expect from a traditional vinyl figure. Godzilla's arms and legs are the only parts that could move.


Size Comparison

Bandai Creations Godzilla 2014 stands taller than most of the toys that came out before him. Most of the figures featured in this review fits in the six inch scale. However, the Bandai Creations version is a half an inch taller that the six inch mark.


Without a doubt, this figure is a great alternative to Bandai Japan's vinyl version. The static pose is simple, but unique. Godzilla's details are nice and the details bring out a certain charm. What I do find confusing though is why this toy was never in stock from a few domestic stores like Toys R Us or Kmart. The only way to find them, in the US, is through online options like eBay or Amazon. Despite the reason, I recommend buying this toy before they run out.

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