Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I'm in LA, I must go to Korea Town and Little Tokyo!

Koreatown Plaza

This past Saturday, I took a 4 1/2 hour road trip to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. My group and I planned to visit two specific stores: one in Korea Town and the other in Little Tokyo before attending SM Town Live III in the Honda Center. From my past experience, I concluded that I must always visit Music Plaza and Anime Jungle whenever I'm in LA!

Music Plaza, located in Koreatown Plaza on S Western Ave in Los Angeles, has everything you need to appease your K-Pop merchandise crave and then some! There's a huge inventory of K-Pop CD's that rarely runs out. If you can think it, chances are they have it. Besides CD's, Music Plaza also sells posters, wristbands, photo booklets, t-shirts, light sticks, and other miscellaneous goodies. The price on all items seems very fair and often cheaper than local stores in Hawaii. Every time I'm there (Music Plaza), I always spend more than what I expected, and I'm sure others have experienced the same situation also. If you're a K-Pop fan, you'll never walk out of that store empty handed.

Little Tokyo Mall (indoors)

Outside of Anime Jungle

When you're in Little Tokyo Mall in down town LA, Anime Jungle is the best place to go for Anime/Kaiju goods! I'm not sure about the anime genre, but I can honestly say that their inventory of Kaiju related goods are very impressive! Godzilla figures that were made by Bandai, X-Plus, Marmit, CCP, and others filled all shelves behind their designated glass display. There were also toys from the Ultraman Series and Gamera. Some of their prices seemed fair, while others were outrageously expensive. Aside from figures, there are also DVDs, a few collectible books, charms, and other goodies. Whether the prices are fair or not, I still take great pleasure to wander around all the aisles, then buy at least one item from the store.

Besides from shopping in Anime Jungle, the rest of outside Little Tokyo Mall, called Japanese Village Plaza, looks very authentic. The architecture looks like something from the past, but they are also eye appealing. Half of the best experience while shopping here, was admiring this sort of scenery.

Japanese Village Plaza Mall

In the end, I did snag some good K-Pop and Kaiju goodies again. I look forward to reviewing or raving some of these items in the future!


  1. How did you find Anime Jungle? I went and I could not find the store. I found buildings 318 and 320 but not 319. Can you plz tell me where its at? I really want to go there.

    1. @Anonymous I'm sorry for the late reply and I hope you read this message soon.

      The store is located on 319 East 2nd Street #103, Los Angeles, CA 90012. If you're heading from West 2nd Street, I usually park my car in a paid parking garage on your first right past the intersection of East 2nd and Azuza Street. Look for the Japanese Village Plaza, which looks exactly like the one pictured above. Once you cross the crosswalk (assuming you see Little Tokyo Cosmetics on the right corner) make a left and you'll see building 319 with Little Tokyo Mall sign next to it. Proceed to wonder the bottom floor until you see their shop.

      According to their website, they temporarily moved to suite 122, most likely because of renovations so I'm not sure how soon they will move back into the store I described in the previous paragraph. According to my calculations they could've moved to this address:

      319 E 2nd Street, Suite 122, Los Angeles, CA 90012

      It seems to be in the same building (319), but in a different room on the same level. Keep in mind that I'm taking a guess because they were still in their original location the last time I was there. I already sent them an email to clarify the confusion, and I will post an update through this comment section for you as soon as they get back to me. I hope that helps.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    2. I just got a response back from Anime Jungle and what I thought was right. Their temporary location of their store is still on the bottom floor of building 319, but in a different room.

      You can use google maps or a GPS to track the address. I still recommend parking in the paid parking garage close by East 2nd Street and Azusa Street. Their about $4 - $5 for public parking, but at least your right across the street from the Japanese Village Plaza Mall. You must walk inside the village-themed mall to get access inside Little Tokyo Mall next door.

      I hope that helps!


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