Saturday, November 28, 2015

DCON Exclusive Figures Available at RAMPAGE TOYS' Webstore

Image courtesy of RAMPAGE TOYS (IG: @jrmapgage)

Missed out on seeing RAMPAGE TOYS' booth at DCON 2015? Not a problem! RAMPAGE TOYS listed some DCON exclusives on their own webstore.

The figures listed are:

  • "Fabric Guts UU" - RAMPAGE x CLICK CRACK
  • MICROMESS! Micro-grab-bags! (Sold Out)
  • RAMPAGE x Cojica "Tokyo Soprano"
  • Salary Diggler (Sold Out)
  • Tofu Set B - Tofu Tank Set (Sold Out)
  • TOFU set A - 2 Tofus (Sold Out)
  • Galaxy Kart!

Check them out at RAMPAGE TOYS’ webstore available here.

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