Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Toho Large Monster Series: DESTROY ALL Completion Set Vol. 1 (Manda Second Generation, Mothra Larva) Review

X-Plus made their point clear that they do intend to complete the “Destroy All Monsters” cast of daikaiju through the Toho Large Monster Series line. The recent release of Manda and Mothra (larva) figure are two steps closer to the goal.

Mothra (Larva)

This particular version of Mothra is not the same as the smaller 25 cm scale Ric exclusive figure that was included with Rodan 1964. Instead, Mothra is at least twice the size and has been redesigned to reenact a scene and photo still of the movie. Mothra has one point of articulation in her mandibles, which are able to open and close manually.

The colored details of the final product turned out significantly different from the one presented as a prototype, which is a good thing. The prototype appeared a little too glossy and in different shades of brown, but the actual figure is not. All of the colors have more of a matte finish, except the pair of glossy red eyes. Mothra's body is darker brown with tan dots on various areas.

Due to the nature of Mothra’s pose, a rock base is absolutely needed at all time, or else the figure will look awkward without it. The rock base has a molded groove that work with Mothra’s setae. The rocky texture is enhanced with grey and yellow paint.


Manda is the main highlight of the set, considering this is Manda first production run in the Toho Large Monster Series Line.

Manda certainly did not disappoint, as there are a lot of great detailing on this figure. Manda’s body is stretched out, but also cured at various spots, similar to a serpent. The tiny dragon legs give the added impression of Manda crawling and slithering on the ground. This figure also boasts a great set of layered dragon scales, fanned tail, and one long back fin from head to tail. Manda’s eyes and facial details look very accurate, while the individually crafted fangs and teeth were done with perfection.

This version of Manda offers a color combination that is different to other variants, which were predominantly gold. This Manda is bluish-grey with a few beige highlights and scales, dark grey spots underneath, grey eyes, beige teeth, and pink tongue. 

Manda also comes with its very own rock stand. Similar to Mothra, the stand has a crafted groove that supports Manda’s long neck. Technically, Manda can hold its head up without the stand, but Manda’s body shape and thin legs cause its head to droop a little. Therefore, keeping the stand underneath Manda’s neck at all time will be effective in the long-run.

Mothra's Length

Manda's Length

Size Comparison


Factoring out the fact that both figures require a base stand when being displayed, Manda and Mothra are a great addition to the “Destroy All Monsters” set. The poses are outstanding, craftsmanship live up to the common stands of X-Plus, and paint job was nicely done. If you’re a collector of Showa Kaiju figures from X-Plus, this set could be right for you.

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