Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Various Forms of 'Maiko II' By 2Petalrose

Maiko II (original). Image courtesy of 2Petalrose (IG: @2petalrose).

Before the release of Shikomi:  The Little Samurai Girl, 2Petalrose has made great toys of a very unique character, named “Maiko II.”

Maiko is impressive in all aspects. Concept wise, the name “Maiko” is a funny twist, considering the toy’s apparel, because the word (Maiko) is used as a label for an apprentice Geiko. A Geiko is a traditional female entertainer from the Kyoto region, who is trained in traditional dancing, music, and singing. However, the toy’s presentation is certainly unorthodox, by equipping Maiko with a samurai helmet that displays one large crest and katana that is stored in Maiko’s darari obi.

Complementing Maiko’s apparel is her body expression. Her head looks down with either a peculiar sharp stare from her eyes, or her eyes are completely shut, and her hands are casually interlocked at the fingers. All of these elements combined make this toy mysterious yet very intriguing.

Since the production of the first batch of Maiko II toys, 2Petalrose has been commissioned to customize Maiko in various ways according to the clients’ requests. Everything on Maiko has been hand crafted and painted, with some pieces of her apparel being comprised of cotton fabric. Maiko stands 15.5 inches including the stand.

Check out the various commissioned toys of Maiko by 2Petalrose in the gallery below. If you are interested in having a custom figure of your own, visit the official website of 2Petalrose for more information.

Bara Maiko
Kuro Maiko

Sakura Maiko
Old School Maiko

Midori Maiko
Hannya Maiko

Yin Maiko
Yang Maiko

Credit:  2Petalrose

All images Copyright 2PetalRose 2015.

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