Sunday, November 22, 2015

Funko Mystery Mini Godzilla Review

Godzilla was included in Funko’s Mystery Minis Blind Box: Science Fiction Series 2 edition. There are 15 figures in total to collect and the chance of getting Godzilla is 1/24.


This figure likely represents the Showa version of Godzilla. Based on the toy’s facial features, bulky body, and particular pose, this figure seems to be drawing some inspiration from KingGoji (Godzilla 1962), yet his feet has four toes instead of three. Having three toes on each foot is one of a few important features that KingGoji is known for. The actual depiction is open to interpretation among the fans, but such trivial information certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

The figure features green bumpy skin that is much similar to the suit texture wise, three columns of light grey fins that span from Godzilla’s head to his tail, beige claws and toes, nicely crafted teeth that is also beige, and a very menacing stare with all white eyes. Overall, the figure looks amazing, considering Funko’s fun and wacky design standards.

Godzilla’s Height

Size Comparison


Funko’s mini Godzilla figure is perfect for anybody, who appreciates Godzilla toys that are meant to be represented as a sort of fun cartoon character, or anything that separates from other known figures, which are accurately sculpted, painted, and scaled. Fans of Funko’s Pop! Godzilla vinyl toy will also be pleased with this one.

Quick Advice

For anyone, who is planning to hunt Godzilla at a nearest store, one advice is to pick a box that feels heavy and give it a little shake to figure out if the toy inside occupies a lot of room. Godzilla is possibly the heaviest toy in the second series, and his size prevents him from rattling and rolling in the box as loudly and easily as the smaller, lighter figures. This advice may save you the headache from getting into a bidding war on auction sites like eBay.

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  1. That's adorable. Sadly, I live in Oregon, where Godzilla is an abnormality, and Japanese merchandise even rarer.

    1. Hi Joesiph! I hope you've been well. I was able to find Godzilla in the nearest GameStop store and am assuming that they are common among all, if not most GameStop locations. Is there one near you and are you planning to hunt him down too?

    2. I might, depending on if I can get a ride there and how much they normally cost.

    3. The blind boxes are $6.99 each. The bulkiest figures of the line are Godzilla and Alien Queen. I was able to sense them by weighing and shaking the boxes in my hands. Although both figures feel quite heavy and occupy a lot of space inside, I think Godzilla is a bit heavier. Feel free to give it a shot, if the odds feel comfortable. However, the risk is getting an Alien Queen instead, if you’re fine with that. I am working on a review for Alien Queen so that you could see a size comparison between her and Godzilla. It should be ready by the end of Friday.


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