Monday, November 9, 2015

Potential Damages to S.H. MonsterArts Toys by FlightPose's Flight Stand

If you’re a collector of S.H. MonsterArts toys and are in dire need to display your Kaiju in mid-air poses, you are probably familiar with FlightPose’s flight stand, which serves as an alternative to Tamashii Stage Act IV. This tripod design is capable of handling these bulky figures with relative ease, but be advised that there are some potential damages that the stand could do to S.H. MonsterArts toys and other collectibles in general, if left alone for a while.

FlightPose’s flight stand does fare well when creating temporary displays that will stay for a few hours or even a few days. However, the stand can take a toll on collectible toys when left untouched for months. Some damages were reported to appear as early as two months after use.

A friend and fellow collector of S.H. MonsterArts figures used the stand to pose Mecha-King Ghidorah as if it is flying in mid-air permanently. Several months later, the stand left distinct circular blemishes on the armor.

The issue isn’t only unique to S.H. MonsterArts figures though, as a number of Macross collectors have also reported that the stand ruined the painted details on the panels as well. Several sources state that the silicone tips, that provide proper friction and grip on toys, have a negative reaction to painted details and clear coats over a long period of time, especially to non-acrylic paints. In the case of Mecha-King Ghidorah, there are permanent visible marks and some silver paint remnants seen on the stand’s tips.

Currently, FlightPose’s products are only effective for displays that last for a short while. If, collectors are in need of a permanent flight stand, consider another alternative that could deliver the same results. However, if FlightPose is the best choice available, letting the stand’s tips contact bare plastic surfaces only have helped most people.

Credit:  Big thanks to Carlos for helping with this article.

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