Friday, November 27, 2015

Funko Mystery Mini Alien Queen Review

Alien Queen is part of the second series of Funko’s Mystery Minis Sci-Fi edition, and is the second largest toy next to Godzilla. The chance of finding Alien Queen is 1/12.

Alien Queen

Funko did a splendid job in condensing Alien Queen into a mini vinyl figure. Her frill, teeth, two sets of arms, one set of legs, spiky back, and bony tail look great. She was even crafted to look like she is moving forward, despite being stagnant.

Alien Queen’s body predominantly has two colors, which are black and grey, while her teeth were painted metallic silver. These choices were probably selected to make Alien Queen a little more eye appealing, as well as making the molded details pop.

Alien Queen's Height

Size Comparison


Alien Queen accomplishes what Godzilla essentially did in his own miniature Funko variant. The figure captures some key features, but with a different spin to include colors and proportions that turn Alien Queen into a neat SD sort of style. She is a great addition to this series.

Hunting for Alien Queen

As previously mentioned in the Mystery Mini Godzilla review, Alien Queen is also a bit easy to sense inside a blind box, than the rest. Like Godzilla, she occupies a lot of room inside, which prevents some loud rattling and rolling inside, and she feels quite heavy as well, compared to other figures.  The only difference is she is a bit lighter than Godzilla. The weight comparison between the two could be quite difficult to tell without actually having both boxes in hand. If you sense only one heavy box among the case, the chance of getting Alien Queen (1/12) is much greater than Godzilla (1/24), according to the box. If the odds are comfortable, open up a box and see what’s inside.

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