Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RAMPAGE TOYS Reveal Blank Black Revenge! Robo-Kesagake Sofubi and Header Card for DCON 2015

Image courtesy of RAMPAGE TOYS (@jmrampage)

As previously reported, RAMPAGE TOYS will indeed introduce the anticipated Revenge! Robo-Kesagake sofubi to DCON 2015. Jon's latest update revealed that the variant that will be introduced to the RAMPAGE TOYS' booth will be an all blank black sofubi version and will come in a set.

RAMPAGE TOYS wrote the following message on Instagram:

"Black. Just black. Revenge is unleashed at DCON booth 918. This is my personal main event for DCON - easily my favorite figure I've yet to produce."

The Revenge! Robo-Kesagake. Blank Black Playset will include multiple omake and a large print - in stamped canvas bag. It is a first release edition with only 10 pieces in stock. One set will cost $300 (cash only sale).

Image courtesy of RAMPAGE TOYS (@jmrampage)

RAMAGE TOYS also revealed the header card that will come with Revenge! Robo-Kesagake and will give people a preview of other additions that will be included in the Kaibutsuya Series. Please note that the pink Kesagake sofubi will not be available at DCON.

Information on all of the toys that RAMPAGE TOYS will bring at DCON 2015 is available at RAMPAGE TOYS' blog.


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