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Toho Large Monsters Series: Godzilla 1989 & Biollante Light Up Ver. Set – Premium Bandai Limited Edition

As one of the biggest announcements made by X-Plus in 2015, X-Plus reissued 25 cm versions of Biollante and Godzilla 1989 with light-up features. This exclusive set was only available through Premium Bandai’s website. This announcement was a big deal for avid Godzilla figure collectors, as Biollante was one of the most wanted X-Plus figures, since the first production run has ended. With Bandai and Diamond Comic Distributors obtaining exclusive deals for Biollante’s reproduction, fans are finally able to get another chance to own Biollante for rates that are likely cheaper than what the first production goes for in today’s market. When Biollante and Godzilla arrived, they certainly did not disappoint.

Godzilla 1989

After being initially exposed to X-Plus and Yuji Sakai’s 30 cm Godzilla 1989 figure, this version was faced with low expectations. However, this figure managed to give a positive impression. Although the toy is static, X-Plus gave this figure some character by crafting Godzilla to sport a unique pose. This pose has Godzilla planting one foot forward, with his arms close to his sides and elbows bent 90 degrees. The tail is raised in the air and curled to the left.

The skin details are quite astonishing. Godzilla’s skin texture, at every point of his body, shows some great likeliness to that time period. The sculpted body also has detailed fins, ears, toes, fingers, mouth, eyes, and other facial features.

The paint job isn’t sloppy at all. Godzilla’s body mostly consists of dark grey vinyl, but the claws and toes were painted in a glossy coat of tan that fades into dark grey. His teeth are beige, while the tongue and gums are pink. Godzilla’s eyes sport a red sclera and black pupils. The fins are transparent white with some white and grey air brushing.

Godzilla’s light-up gimmick works through a black external controller that plugs into the back of Godzilla’s left Achilles tendon. The controller has an on and off switch and requires four AAA batteries. The light-up feature is okay, but there are a few drawbacks to this display. The light appears bluish around the base, but some paint applications on the fins do not allow the lights to reach the tips. The lights also emit some shades of green because of the paint job.


There’s no question that Biollante is indeed the cream of the crop in this set. This beauty is packed with tons of detail. Biollante’s head is covered in scales, but those scales transition into a lot of features from roses and other plants. A set of rigid leaves stick up at an angle and line down Biollante’s back in rows that slightly resembles Godzilla’s fin alignment.

Each vine has wood-like grain patterns all over and is wrapped with smaller vines that resemble veins bulging on human flesh. Four out of five vines have sharp teeth like Venus fly traps. Each tooth is individually crafted and the mouths of these vines have crafted gums. These vines also have rose thorns spread around.

The most favorite detail is the stomach and neck region of Biollante. Overlapping the red center is a mesh of vines and thorns that come together like a net. That exterior spans to the neck and chin area.

Biollante’s facial expression is absolutely perfect. She maintains that angry and aggressive snare. To complement her eyes, Biollante’s mouth sports individually crafted teeth on the top and bottom jaw, as well as the extra rows of teeth on the top and bottom gums.

The color choices for Biollante are well thought out. The figure has various dark and light shades of green that adds more character and dimension to this Kaiju. The thorns are black, tusks and teeth are beige, gums are pink, and eyes are light purple.

Biollante also comes with some cool features. Although Biollante is static, the figure does have an articulated jaw. However, the bigger highlight is her flawless light-up gimmick. The transparent red belly lights up in either a pulsating sequence, or one long lasting emission. The light-up setting is controlled by a green external control. The controller plugs in the lower back of Biollante and requires four AAA batteries.

Godzilla's Size

Biollante's Size

Size Comparison


Biollante fulfilled all expectations and then some. This figure is fantastic in every aspect and breath taking when seen in person. Although light-up features aren’t normally a preference, this addition is admittedly awesome. Godzilla was initially underestimated, especially when compared with Biollante and other Godzilla ’89 figures that X-Plus made before. However, this Godzilla was eventually met with a warm welcome. The design came out as a good effort. Godzilla’s details follow some likeliness to the film and his paint job is nicely done. One slight problem is Godzilla’s light-up feature that looks good, but leaves little to be desired. Overall, this set is fantastic, and anyone who is able to get his or her hands on these figures will likely be pleased.

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