Saturday, July 11, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Defensor

Devastator was one of the most anticipated combined modes that were featured in the Transformers Combiner Wars line. This combined form is comprised of the Autobots subgroup, the Protectobots. The Protectobots consist of Hot Spot, Blades, Rook, First Aid, and Streetwise. Upon assembling all bots together, Defensor turned out to be another successful release.


Defensor feels quite stable. Hot Spot, as the head and torso, offered brilliant engineering that incorporated the fire truck’s ladder wrapping around vertically. This idea cleverly filled in Defensor’s gaping back and kept proper proportions intact. The end of the ladder becomes Defensor’s main head. When the head is properly secure, there are no gaps in the neck line.

Legends Class Groove also serves a purpose by, this time, becoming Defensor’s main chest piece instead of a limb. How Groove is installed is very impressive. Groove’s wrists have two thick pegs molded on them. Those pegs latch on to two port holes located on the mid region of Defensor’s chest. When pegged in, the chest piece stays in securely.

The weapon storage options on this toy are one of the best. There are some areas that make the weapons seem naturally part of Defensor’s main design. As a personal preference, Hot Spot’s guns are pegged in Defensor’s back to match the chest piece and also imitate a form of smoke stacks. All of the other Protectobots’ weapons can be stored on any port hole of the arms and legs.

Defensor’s main weapon is one firearm that is simply comprised of Hot Spot’s weapons pegged together. As another option, keep Hot Spot’s weapons separated and place each fire arm in Defensor’s hands for a double pistol action.

There are a few issues with Defensor’s articulation. When rotating Defensor’s arms, his shoulders must be supported. Not doing so will result in Hot Spot’s shoulders turning instead and Defensor’s chest tabs will pop out. Furthermore, due to First Aid’s knee shape and Hot Spot’s thigh shape, Defensor’s lower half of his legs cannot rotate outward at the knee.


Defensor's Height

Size Comparison


Defensor has a few problems, but those factors do not overshadow how great this toy actually is. Defensor is comprised of a great team of Protectobots who went through extensive revisions that managed to satisfy all expectations. This toy is definitely one of the top combiners in this line so far.

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