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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Rook Review

The next Protectobot to be reviewed is a newcomer. Fresh out of the Cybertronian Military Academy is Rook! Rook is part of the third wave of Deluxe Class toys from Transformers Combiner Wars.

Vehicle Mode

Rook’s vehicle mode is a heavily armored SWAT vehicle. The execution is quite good, despite a few issues of undercarriage. The armor is nicely detailed with panel lines, windows, and even tool compartments.

The color theme plays perfectly well on this toy also. Because the Protectobots are decorated with colors of rescue vehicles, Rook is predominantly white with yellow painted headlights, blue sides, silver door panels, and dark metallic silver windshields. The vehicle has an Autobot insignia on the roof. There are also words, such as “POLICE” and “SWAT” painted on both sides and roof of the vehicle.

Rook does have a few weapon storage options while in vehicle mode. The foot/hand piece becomes a double barreled missile launcher mounted on the roof. The hydraulic claw, though, can either peg in the front of the SWAT vehicle or on the roof as well.

Robot Mode

There’s no question that Rook is the muscle out of the group and he is given some qualities that is not only consistent in theme, but has also a bit of novelty tied into Rook’s head design. That head sculpt looks like Rook is wearing an ushanka and a face guard of a football helmet. The red Autobot insignia on the center of that headpiece reminisce of an ushanka even further. One source states that Rook’s head was inspired by a rook chess piece. Whatever reason came with this result, Rook became very unique and special.

The rest of the design turned out to be really good. Rook’s blocky figure and bulky proportions really capture how strong this guy is. The thick armor integrates well into the limbs and other areas.

There are a few issues to the design. The gaps in Rook’s calves may be a bother for others. However, these modifications were needed to make the transformation process possible. Another slight issue is how the hands were designed, as the clenched fists and 5 mm port holes were sculpted as one piece. Because both details were carved very close together, they don’t look like two separate pieces.

The toy is colored almost exactly like how the drawings were rendered. The robot has a proper ratio of white, blue, and black, and they do not astray from the rescue theme that the Protectobots are in.

Rook comes with two weapons. One is the powerful hydraulic claw that pegs into both port holes. The way the claw fits into the arms were not well received at first, but they eventually got accepted.

The other accessory is the foot/hand piece that could plug in as a shield or cannon into his arms. However, many have instead equipped Rook with two large fists, like humans wearing a set of Hulk hands. This option is actually amusing and fun to try. Rook’s foot/hand piece is distinguished by the black joint rigged in the opposable thumb.

Arm Transformation

Rook officially transforms into Defensor’s left arm. The transformation is simpler when Rook is initially in robot mode. The look seems perfect for Defensor’s bulky, blocky frame.

Leg Transformation

Rook can also transform into a leg. The overall look is pretty neat, but do consider how bulky the limb is, as the size could throw a few combined modes disproportional.


Rook's Height

Size Comparison


Rook is a great toy! The vehicle mode is cool, but the robot mode is definitely better. Adding more to the enjoyability is the 5mm port holes that allow two hand pieces to plug in both hands. This figure is recommended!

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