Saturday, June 27, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Streetwise Review

The last Protectobot to have a review, before moving on to Defensor, is Streetwise. Streetwise made a comeback and with a large of retooling done with Dead End as the main source of inspiration.

Vehicle Mode

Streetwise deviates from Dead End by sporting a completely new body that is similar to a R35 Nissan GTR.  The car has great detailing, such as the front bumper, car hood, head lights, siren, and body shape. Streetwise also sports a new set of colors. The body is off-white with a blue painted hood, thick blue stripe spanning across the front half of the sides, silver painted head lights, red colored siren, and black wheels. To complete the look, the word “POLICE” is written in off-white to match the car’s predominant body color and there’s a red Autobot insignia on Streetwise’s car hood.

Streetwise is able to store all of his weapons in vehicle mode. The air compressor cannons (foot/hand piece) pegs on top of the car. The pump action Energon blaster pegs on the side of the car to probably pass as a side mounted muffler.

Robot Mode

Just like the vehicle mode, Streetwise went through an extensive modification for his robot mode. This mode features a new head, chest panel, shins, and forearms. The head and chest sculpt does appropriately have a slight reference to the G1 cartoon.

The colors chosen for Streetwise’s robot mode is predominantly off-white with some parts colored red, black, and blue. Streetwise’s eyes remained blue and there is a red Autobot insignia on his chest.
The joints incorporated in the design are quite good also, as none of them are too loose. They do ensure some great posing capabilities.

Streetwise’s weapons are a pump action Energon blaster and air compressor cannons. The Energon blaster is very well crafted. The weapon is molded out of dark metallic silver plastic and comes with three barrels, a scope, and detailed fore-end.  The air compressor cannons also become Defensor’s foot/hand piece and has a red joint rigged inside the opposable thumb.

Leg Mode

Streetwise officially becomes Defensor’s left leg. The look is similar to Dead End’s shape and is relatively easy to transform, especially when Streetwise is initially in vehicle mode.

Arm Mode

Streetwise also serves another purpose as an arm for any combined mode. The shape and transformation is quite similar to Dead End.


Streetwise's Height

Size Comparison


Streetwise isn’t a bad toy at all. The modifications assisted Streetwise stand tall on his own. The car mode is a nice and the robot mode doesn’t fail to disappoint. Amidst the drastic changes implemented for this design, the toy does some a slight reference to the G1 cartoon.

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