Saturday, June 6, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Blades Review

This review is moving on to another combined mode featured in Transformers Combiner Wars line. The next combined form is one that has generated some pretty good buzz. The subject is Defensor, who is comprised of five different Protectobots. However, before reviewing the combined mode, every Protectobot should be covered first. Therefore, kicking off the next series of reviews is Blades. Does he look familiar?

Helicopter Mode

The helicopter mode borrows the same design as Alpha Bravo’s alternate mode. The only difference is the colors. Blades’ theme is a red and white rescue chopper. The white painted striping is evenly coated and Blades’ tail sports a cool rescue crest, which has an Autobot insignia in the center and the departments name called, “Autobot Coastal Rescue.”

The new colors also highlighted some neat details of this chopper. The metallic silver paint application, brought out the craftsmanship of those side mounted missiles and blade inside the tail. The flat silver molded plastic pieces also collaborated well with every other color.

The weapon storage options for Blades’ are also the same as Alpha Bravo’s. The foot/hand piece can be attached on the bottom of the chopper, while the gun can mount on one side.

Robot Mode

Besides the choice of colors, Blades’ robot mode comes with a retooled head. The details include a new head piece and face sculpt, with metallic light blue face and blue eyes.

The body does follow a classic theme, by coloring the chest red, white, and silver, keeping the thighs white, and leaving the legs red. The arms, though, consist of silver shoulders and biceps, red forearms, silver outer forearms, and silver hands.

Blades also comes with the same type and amount of joints as Alpha Bravo. The joints of this figure aren’t as snug as Alpha Bravo, but they are still strong enough to hold a variety of poses.

Blades come with the same accessories as Alpha Bravo. He has a photon blaster and a foot/hand piece that was crafted to sport two Gatling guns for weapons. The foot/hand piece is distinguished by the white joint rigged in the opposable thumb.

Arm Transformation

Blades officially transforms into Defensor’s arm. The transformation process is the same as Alpha Bravo.

Leg Transformation

Blades can also transform into a leg depending on someone's preference. The look also mirrors Alpha Bravo.


Blades' Height

Size Comparison


Retooling Alpha Bravo to create Blades makes a lot of sense, considering Blades’ origin as a Bell UH-1 Iroquois variant. However, do not expect anything more than a new sculpted head and color change. Overall, Blades is a great addition to this set.

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