Saturday, June 20, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class First Aid Review

First Aid has been one of the original members of the Protectobots, since the G1 era. Fortunately, he has been reintroduced into the Transformers toy line once again to form a limb for Defensor. First Aid was released in the third series of Deluxe Class toys and is a retool of (Stunticon) Offroad.

Vehicle Mode

First Aid is an emergency rescue vehicle that was designed to be all-terrain and equipped with industrial truck armor. First Aid does make some references to the classic G1 style theme. The body is mostly white, and there are red striping on the sides, blue windows, and red sirens.

First Aid has great truck detailing, and the tabbing mechanism locked everything together splendidly. The only problem was pegging the tail end together on the first attempt. The tabs would not fit in the slot on the first try and had to be worn down a little to be broken in.

The vehicle can store all of the included accessories on the body. The instructions recommend mounting the foot/hand piece on top of First Aid’s roof and attaching the axe on the side of the vehicle. The foot/hand piece is also small enough to peg on the side of First Aid’s vehicle mode also, but the look doesn’t seem natural.

Robot Mode

First Aid in robot mode is pretty impressive. Like his vehicle mode, First Aid does follow a classic color scheme in the design. First Aid comes with a retooled head, limbs, and chest piece. The toy has joints that are pretty snug, allowing First Aid to pull off some decent poses with no fuss.

First Aid has his own share of issues though. His leg is quite large and disproportional. Also, the kibble on First Aid's bicep restricts some movement of his arm.

First Aid’s accessories are an axe and foot/hand piece. The axe follows the same design as Offroad’s weapon. The only difference is Air Raid’s axe is black with a silver edge. The foot/hand piece is some kind of four barreled gun and has a black joint rigged inside the opposable thumb.

Leg Mode

First Aid officially transforms into Defensor’s right leg. The shape contours around Defensor’s knee almost exactly the same way Offroad did with Menasor.

Arm Mode

As another option, First Aid is also able to transform into Defensor’s arm. The transformation is easier, when First Aid is initially in robot mode.


First Aid's Height

Size Comparison


First Aid is an interesting take to a mold that was already created and this new look also managed to fit within the Protectobot theme effectively. The robot mode really shines and the vehicle mode is just as satisfying after getting past the tabbing issues initially. Overall, First Aid is a great addition to this collection.

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