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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Hot Spot Review

The next Protectobot to be highlighted is the group’s leader, Hot Spot! Hot Spot debuted with Cyclonus as Series 3 Voyager Class figures. The best part is this toy has been completely remolded.

Vehicle Mode

Hot Spot’s vehicle mode is a fire truck. However, this particular version looks like a stretched Rosenbauer Panther 6 x 6, a type of vehicle that is likely seen in airports. This truck is 9 7/8 inches long and is equipped with a ladder and water hose at the end. The ladder can raise and rotate 360 degrees.

Despite the truck’s odd shape, there are a lot of redeeming qualities to this design. The truck has crafted panel lines, metal doors, sirens, windshields, and head lights.

Hot Spot follows the same G1 themed colors. The body is molded out of light blue plastic, while the windshields, wheels, and end of the ladder are black. The sirens were painted red. The truck even has an Autobot symbol blazen with red flames and the words, “FIRE RESCUE” painted in yellow and outlined in red.

Robot Mode

In robot mode, Hot Spot turned out to be very refreshing, especially for collectors who’ve been around since the G1 era. After 29 years and roughly four redecos  later, Hot Spot is finally given his own design. Hot Spot still has a blocky shape and fantastic joints that have great resistance and no signs of flimsiness.

Hot Spot mostly makes a reference to the G1 cartoon, but not completely. What is relevant to G1 is the body being predominantly light blue, red eyes, darker blue face shield, red chest, and black thighs. There are also some new design features. The most noticeable is the inner-workings that were painted silver and overlapped with red vents that span diagonally.

There are a few issues to note though. The gaping calves may slightly peeve the standards of a perfect robot mode design. However, these modifications were needed for vehicle and Defensor’s combined mode.

The ratchet joints in the hip are appreciated, but they make Hot Spot’s legs a tad tricky to pose, since the joints will make the stance either too wide or too short. Of course, these ratchet joints were reinforced to uphold the integrity of Defensor, so this issue isn’t a big deal.

Hot Spot’s ladder kibble is heavy enough to tip him backwards. However, the ladder also keeps Hot Spot propped up at times, so there is some sort of even trade off.

Hot Spot comes with two rifles. These accessories have wonderful detailing on them, as the sculpting incorporated components of high pressure fire hoses into the design. These rifles eventually combine to form a larger weapon for Defensor.

Defensor's Torso

Hot Spot transforms into Defensor’s head and torso. The execution was very clever. The ladder kibble from robot mode is much more integrated, by wrapping the ladder around Defensor’s torso vertically while having the same structure form a chest piece and head. There are no gaps around Defensor’s neck and the tight ratchet joints ensure that his hip and stance are sturdy enough to support his weight.

There is a little bit of concern with Defensor’s torso mode, though. Defensor’s head was installed on the end of the ladder, but the ladder was made from softer, flexible plastic. That head secures on the shoulders by two tabs underneath the seam, which is made out of the same soft material. Although the tabs are fine now, over time, they could wear out quicker and eventually be unable to secure Defensor’s head on his shoulders anymore, assuming this toy was often transformed in between robot and combined mode. From a collector’s perspective with high consideration for a toy’s condition, consider limiting the amount of transformation done in between modes as much as possible, or keep Defensor displayed in combined mode altogether.


Hot Spot's Height

Size Comparison


Despite some minor nitpicks and concerns, Hot Spot is still a great toy to have. This figure has a completely new mold, G1-esque color theme, sturdy joints, cool accessories, different spin on Hot Spot’s vehicle mode, and creative take on Defensor’s torso. There’s a good chance that fans of Hot Spot may like this toy too.

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