Sunday, July 14, 2013

Transformers Beast Hunters: Cyberverse Commander Shockwave

Transformers Beast Hunters Voyager class Shockwave left me liking this representation of a toy, even though the tank mode made me feel a bit unsatisfied. Because I like the robot mode so much, and the Commander class figures are really fun to collect, Cyberverse Shockwave seems like a good buy. However, there are some issues with this toy, that left me wondering what was Takara/Hasbro thinking during the making of this product?

Shockwave's tank mode looks exactly the same as the Voyager class version. The main problem with this tank mode is that the front wheels are not secured to stay in place and has a tendency to flop sideways at any time. The unsecured front set of wheels is also the reason why the tank mode is not perfectly steady and therefore cannot roll that efficiently. Can this problem lie inside all of the other Commander Class Shockwave toys as well? Shockwave also comes with a hyperflux cannon, whose gimmick is to shoot a missile projectile. After loading the missile, push the top part of the cannon forward, and the projectile will shoot. However, Shockwave looks better without a missile sticking out of a barrel of the cannon.

Although Shockwave has demonstrated some engineering difficulties in his tank mode, the robot mode still continues to impress, albeit smaller. Most of the critical details from Voyager Shockwave is still preserved on this smaller version. The only things missing are the light-up eyes, which were replaced by painted eyes, and a cable that attach the hyperflux cannon to Shockwave's backpack. Shockwave comes in a lighter and darker shade of metallic purple, which isn't show accurate. Most of the articulation is there, there is a ball joint in the shoulders, elbows, and hips. The knees only have a hinge.

The tank mode is very disappointing because the front end isn't secure enough to allow the tank to roll around stably, but I don't mind the look of the tank at all. The best part of this toy is definitely Shockwave's robot mode and if you're a fan of the Voyager class toy, but is looking for a smaller version of that same look in your collection, you may not regret buying this toy. If you really want a more show accurate color on this toy, Target will be selling an exclusive reissue of this Shockwave in dark purple sometime this Fall, but the only problem from what I see is Shockwave's eye is yellow instead of red. In closing, I can only recommend Commander class Shockwave to collectors who really love to display Shockwave's robot mode.

During the Fall season of 2013, Shockwave was re-issued as a two pack Toys R Us exclusive. The "Predacons Rising," exclusive Shockwave review is now available for your viewing pleasure below.

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