Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Transformers Generations Legends Class Optimus Prime & Roller Review

At this moment, I am totally stricken with some kind of "Commander Class" fever. Despite being smaller than Deluxe Class figures, they certainly have a some kind of charm that appeases both kinds and adults, depending which adult collectors you ask. Today, I will review another Optimus Prime toy that, although is technically Legends Class size, is scaled closer to the Commander Class size. Going into the 30th anniversary of Transformers, Hasbro released a set of toys that boasts a substantial amount of detail and articulation in a size class that is smaller than Deluxe scaled toys. This set includes Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his smaller companion Roller.

Optimus Prime in Vehicle Mode

Optimus' vehicle bears a slight resemblance to the classic semi-truck seen since Generation 1, but with some modifications, most notably the roof and rear end of the truck. Some sources claim that this version is influenced by IDW comics. There are some remnants of Optimus' robot mode exposed on this truck such as the feet seen on the rear and shoulders making the back end of the roof, which isn't too much of a burden. In contrast, this vehicle does come with a great amount of detail and a stellar paint job. A few minor inconveniences would be the side door's windows left unpainted, and the red color is rather pale and could've been darker. Perhaps the biggest issue adult collectors may have with Optimus is the void of having a trailor to drag around, but any further additions to this set just might push the selling price higher. Focusing on what's already provided, the design seems very solid overall, that will likely satisfy the standards intended for figures this small.

Optimus Prime in Robot Mode

In robot mode, Optimus Prime looks quite cool given, once again, his size. The whole body was redesigned to include some classic physical traits, while including as many points of articulation as possible. One of the biggest benefits of this toy is Optimus' overall bulk which seems like a huge improvement compared to other Legends Class figures that have been made before.

There are, however, a few problems worth noting in this mode as well. Optimus has a unique feature, his chest splits open revealing an Autobot insigna, which conceals the matrix of leadership. On the other hand, the chest swings open on a hinge that easily opens while moving Optimus' arms around, which in a few circumstances can be annoying. Adding to the problem of hindered movement are the shoulders. When the top flaps are down, the arms cannot swivel sideways. Another problem is the blue paint inside Optimus' fists that rubs off almost easily once the guns peg in there.

Roller in Vehicle Mode

Roller's disguise is a smaller scale blue all terrain type of vehicle with jet thrusters. Some reports claim that Roller's vehicle mode is a jet powered ATV. There is a problem with Roller's rear wheels being flushed against the rear fender, which restricts the ability to roll.

Roller in Robot Mode

In robot mode, Roller leaves a lot to be desired. Transforming this guy is very easy, just stand the vehicle/robot on his feet and swing the wheels forward a bit, which reveals his arms. The disappointment is Roller's compact design that has all of the body sections molded together underneath the body of a vehicle, and the only articulation is in the swiveling arms. To Roller's credit, though, he is stable enough to carry the gun that pegs off of his roof, and there is a reason why his features are extremely limited.

Roller as a Weapon

Roller also transforms into a bigger gun under Optimus Prime's arsenal, which is also easy to do. The gun is an interesting addition to this set. At times the gun looks quite awkward, but it is very fun to fiddle with. With the added weight of the gun, Optimus cannot stand on his own, depending on what pose you go with.

Size Comparison

Final Thoughts

This set is certainly a neat entry for this line. Despite the minor gripes mentioned in this review, these figures look great, the transformations are really easy to execute, and they are really fun to play with. I recommend these toys to anyone, especially those who came into liking Commander class figures.

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