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TFsource Holiday Exclusive KM-03X Mirrorverse Cyclops Review

Mastermind Creations is one of the fastest growing third party companies to deliver outstanding transforming toys. Following the successful release of KM-03 Cyclops, TFsource made an exclusive deal with Mastermind Creations to offer a limited edition of Cyclops' mini-sub code named, "KM-03X Mirrorverse Cyclops." Cyclops is based on Shockwave, and these machines are themed around technology in the late 1800s.

Cyclops disguises himself as a mini-sub, which is one of the best selling points for this toy. The sub sports wonder grey armor with some hint of teal and is tattered with little rivets that span all over the plates. The alternate universe created by Mastermind Creations dates somewhere around 4891, yet the technology and materials used in such a world is very reminiscent of steam powered steel machines dating back to the 1800s. Cyclops looks like a mini sub from that era. The craftsmanship is utterly spectacular and every hinge that comes into play of transformation is somehow cleverly disguised as a structural part of the sub.

For a figure that is around the same size as a legends class toy, this little guy sure is great looking on all aspects from aesthetics, details, colors, and engineering. The teal highlights bring out the details around the eye just as how the gold adds flare to those rivets all over the chest. Keep in mind the rivets are about the size of a spec, but they are superbly molded on plastic with no errors. There are also some gears molded on to the body, especially in almost any part that bends. This added detail paints a visual of all kinds of gears turning and cranking whenever the robot moves it's limbs around.

Proportion wise, Cyclops is appropriately bulky from the shoulders, chest, and all the way down to the legs. The back pack adds about half the bulk from the back, but is not cumbersome to look at. Unfortunately, my toy had one quality control issue in the left knee, where the leg flops around due to a loose joint. Though, the chances of this little defect happening to someone else's Cyclops seems very unlikely. The loose joint still does not affect Cyclops' ability to stand and perform some basic poses. For a tiny figure, Mastermind Creations rigged Cyclops with as many points of articulation as possible. There are about 16 points of articulation. However, some of the full range movement are hindered by Cyclops' bulk. Considering the market value and potential rarity of this toy, playing with Cyclops is not strongly recommended at the risk of wearing out all of the snug ball and swiveling joints.

Included with this set is an alternative arm for Cyclops' left shoulder. This second arm is not another cannon, but a regular hand holding a gun. Swapping arms is very nerve racking. Both arms snap on the shoulders very snuggly and securely, so to pop one arm off and snap on another without trying to break any small pieces is tough.

I strongly recommend no one to swap arms frequently, or else seriously risk breaking something. The left arm also has a double jointed elbow and is compatible with Cyclops' transformation back to submarine mold.

As an added bonus, Mirrorverse Cyclops comes with a comic book that features a prelude of this character along with the origins of his current physical state and why we have the extra arm accessory. The short story is six pages long (front and back) and the comic also includes transformation instructions.

This is a tricky conclusion indeed. Bottom line is you have to really like KM-03 Cyclops and the original mini-sub, or be a die-hard Shockwave fan to get satisfaction from this exclusive figure. No scratch that, I think getting a bang for your buck on this one is really subjective, depending where your needs were met. If you only care for the toy and nothing else, you may not easily feel satisfied because of the price it goes for. In contrast, if you love the comic book that goes with the figure and accessories, I think you'll have no problem there. For it's size, Mirrorverse Cyclops features a fabulous design with a cool array of details, and a fair amount of articulation. If you can get past the price, you may be content with your choice. As for me, I was satisfied.

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