Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kid Robot X Street Fighter Ryu Mini Figure Review

As recapped in my toy hunting experience in Las Vegas, Ryu was bought in a Kid Robot store on the second floor of the Cosmopoliton hotel and casino. I was reluctant to buy myself a blind box out of fear that I may get a character that I like the least. However, the box art and mystery was too tempting to pass up, so here are my results.

I'll briefly go over the box art. The front and sides of the box has an illustration of (mini) Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li. The "Kid Robot X Street Fighter" logo is seen on four sides of the box.

All of the possible characters are illustrated on the back of the box, and I'm very sure that the mysterious silhouette is M. Bison. Unfortunately, I didn't get M. Bison, I got Ryu. That is still good news to me because I would've been fine with any character but the ones I particularly don't care for.

If you love miniature SD figures of your favorite character in an anime drawing and coloring style, Ryu, as well as the other stars from Street Fighter, is perfect. The hard vinyl casting is very basic. The arms are short with fingers that aren't individually sculpted, short and slightly plump body and legs, and an oversized head. Ryu's head has the most detail as evidenced by the spiky hair and fringe, as well as his red hachimaki. To add more character to this toy, Ryu also has an intense look on his face. The colors applied on this toy greatly mimics Ryu's karate gi and other parts out of his costume, that has been seen since Street Fighter 2. These stylized designs come out crisp and nicely flat like matte.

Ryu stands around 2 3/4 inches tall and has only two points of articulation:  Both arms rotate, but not all the way, due to the large head.

As a bonus, Ryu comes with his very own illustration on a card, which doesn't include any bio whatsoever.

Kid Robot's mini Street Fighter figures have tons of appeal to them, especially to Street Fighter collectors or anyone that loves stylized figures of pop culture. Ryu has that aesthetic appeal and a sense of superior quality that makes him seem as if he is quite resilient to a few bumps. The sculpt was simple, yet a tad intricate and the colors certainly adds a lot more flavor to it. These mini figures make perfect desk or shelf decorations.

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