Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Shockwave Review

I bought and reviewed Beast Hunters Commander Class Shockwave (1st edition) months ago with much praise. Following Shockwave's release, Hasbro announced his re-release as a "Predacons Rising" Target exclusive , and he came with a new paint job. Shockwave is sold alongside Bombshock as a two-pack set. Upon seeing the promo pics, I knew I had to include this figure into my collection as well. Here is the breakdown.

"Predicons Rising" Shockwave is a recast of the same mold, but the colors have changed to a darker purple, pink chest, some touches of silver, and a yellow eye. My minor complaint is the pink color on the hyperflux cannon; Hasbro should've kept the silver touches from before. Despite, the downfall, this new color scheme is unanimously preferred than that of the first edition Shockwave because this version closely resembles Shockwave from the show and his original G1 colors. All of the details, gimmicks,  and transformation remain the same on this version.

For a complete rundown of all these features, I recommend clicking the url below to view the original Beast Hunters Commander Class Shockwave review.

 photo FinalThoughtscopy_zpsea82e5e2.jpg

Out of the two Shockwaves, I do prefer the "Predicons Rising" edition. The dark shade of purple along with some touches of pink and silver is fantastic. If anyone hasn't bought a Commander Class Shockwave before, I strongly recommend picking this one up. If you only want Shockwave, instead of Bombshock, I recommend searching eBay; there are sellers, who sell these toys separately.

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