Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Transformers Prime: One Shall Stand" Can Enemies Be Allies?

I admit that I did not follow Transformers Prime on the Hub, but learning about Unicron's reoccuring role in this series constantly made me wonder how this story unfolded on TV. Thanks to Hasbro Studios and Shout Factory, I am able to conveniently cut straight to the part in season one that intrigued me the most.

Transformers Prime:  One Shall Stand DVD combines seven episodes that spanned from the end of season one going into the beginning season two into one long uninterrupted movie. The running time is 150 minutes (approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes).

The story goes, Optimus Prime and Megatron has to put their differences aside to join forces and take down a bigger threat, Unicron, who have awakened from a very long slumber within the Earth's core.

Unicron, through various manifestations of himself, vowed to destroy every inhabitant on Planet Earth, especially humans, Autobots, and of course Optimus Prime. The awkward alliance between Optimus and Megatron is motivated by Prime's goal to preserve human life, whereas Megatron wants to be the only force that destroys Optimus and not Unicron.

Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee joined the leaders on their journey, while the Decepticons were left behind in their own headquarters with no knowledge of Megatron's temporary deal with the Autobots. This movie also covers the events that followed after the battle with Unicron.

The moral of the story argues that sometimes grudges or personal issues held against one another can be put aside to achieve something that greatly benefits both parties, as long as there is mutual respect in between.

The creators did a great job in capturing every single Autobot's attitudes and actions towards this temporary alliance, which emphasizes the hostile impressions that both sides had during these frustrating times. Likewise, seeing how other members of the Decepticons handled themselves during Megatron's hiatus was also amusing and entertaining.

I enjoyed the overall pace of this show and even though I skipped essentially everything else from season one to get to this point, I was quickly able to follow the story without the need to know who every character was, since I've seen or knew these characters before. The action scenes in the first half were terrific, but that slowed down a bit to build up another satisfying climax towards the end. Although I sat through 150 minutes of this show non-stop, watching all seven episodes in increments is encouraged.

In closing, I did enjoy this "movie" and if any novice viewer were to see this piece, identifying Optimus Prime from Megatron and Autobots from Decepticons by their insignia is good enough. Otherwise, feel free to do some background research on any supporting character you please.

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