Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Review

Hello ravers! Today, I want to do a really quick review of a purchase I made from a local Walmart store: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime was released in Series 3:  001.

Optimus Prime's Vehicle Mode

Optimus Prime transforms into a heavily armored truck with what seems to be some kind of  cage assembled on the bed. The truck displays some really neat detail including a set of nice little rivets along the windshield, grill, and on some parts of the roll cage, along with a mean looking ram in front of the truck. The changes made on Optimus Prime, from a simple truck with a trailer to a vehicle designed for a war zone is quite cool. There are a few, but minuscule drawbacks to this vehicle mode, one is the exposure of Optimus' hands on top of the truck, which sort of resemble Lego blocks. Also, the red and blue clips that joins the wheels together with the body should preferably be silver or black to camouflage the exposure. Otherwise, a really cool design for a commander class.

Optimus Prime's Robot Mode

The biggest benefit to Optimus' robot mode is that this version actually has a face-mask, whereas the Voyager class Optimus does not. The robot mode is very eye appealing from the front, but the back exposes a lot of hollow parts in the back and the arms, which is a little disappointing. The articulation is actually decent. Both arms have a ball joint in the shoulders and the elbows, while the legs contains a ball joint in the hip and a hinge in the knees. Unfortunately, the head does not rotate, but bobs up and down due to the transformation. Regardless, there is still a reasonable amount of poseability.

Optimus Prime's Weapons

Optimus Prime comes with his very own sword, called a star saber, and a thunder lance launcher. The thunder lance launcher is manually operated, meaning, you have to push the rod out of the socket with your thumb, to get the projectile to fire. A rather interesting route for a projectile weapon, which could be seen either as a cheap option or an exceptional route for a commander class figure. Both weapons can peg into either one of Optimus' hands and can be mounted sideways on vehicle mode.

Final Thoughts

Hollow transformers are definitely something I must take with a grain of salt, considering how the standards are these days. With that said, Commander class Optimus Prime is fun to have and a neat addition to your collection. Optimus is not too small, like a Legends class, and he makes nice display piece.

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