Saturday, August 3, 2013

Collector's Update and More Reviews To Come! (8/3/13)

This past week has definitely been a string of good luck! Two additional figures have been added to my collection.

First, is SDCC (2013) Exclusive Bludgeon figure from the G.I. Joe VS Transformers crossover series. I bought this toy for a really good deal on eBay and there will be a review on this guy very soon!

The second, is Charapro's Great Nita figure. Nita was bought loose with 98% of all the accessories. The only thing missing are the barbed wire ropes for the NJPW ring. This isn't a horrible loss because there were other (Charapro) figure accessories thrown into the deal, which will be covered in detail in the next review.

Besides the figure review originally scheduled, these two figures are high on my priority list. Keep your eyes peeled on The Rave Corner as I push these reviews out as soon as possible!

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