Sunday, October 4, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Scrapper Review

Constructicon member, Scrapper, makes another return in the toy collecting world by being one out of six robots that comprises Devastator. After having the toy in hand, there’s no doubt that Scrapper is one of the simplest robots to transform and does a great job homaging a classic.

Vehicle Mode

Scrapper is back and also as a modern version of a wheel loader.  The molded details and combination of colors do this character justice. When observing the toy closely, there were a number of tiny molded parts that were admired, such as the vehicle’s tires, rims, and set of ladders that lead to the cab, boom (arm), and even smoke stacks.

The vehicle contains some additional cool features. The boom contains two sets of joints that allow the bucket to raise or lower. The Wheel Loader also has two peg holes that allow a set of purple wings to attach behind the cab, which show some resemblance to the G1 era.

Robot Mode

Scrapper looks absolutely fantastic in robot mode! Once again, the robot version of this character is also a brand new take of the key details that were seen from the first incarnation. Scrapper’s new head shows similarities to the original, as this up-to-date version also has a helmet, visor, and mouth shield. Unlike the original, the current version has a red painted visor.

The rest of Scrapper’s body has been molded and painted to show off some more noticeable traits. The torso is purple with silver, red, and black painted parts. The thighs were painted silver while Scrapper’s arms and legs were molded out of green plastic.

The only drawback is Scrapper is one of the few Constructions that don’t have hinged elbows. However, all of his joints are nicely snug enough to hold his poses. He can keep his arms up when holding the missile pods, single-barrel blaster, and double-barrel blaster.

Devastator's Right Leg

In combined mode, Scrapper transforms into Devastator’s right leg. The transformation process is very simple, when Scrapper is initially in vehicle mode. Simply, fold the bucket, rotate the robot’s arms down for added support, and flip the panels, underneath the vehicle’s back end, up. The official instructions state the cab should be rotated, turning the Decepticon insignia upside down. However, everyone is able to leave the insignia right-side up, depending on his or her taste.


Scrapper's Height

Size Comparison


Not including the toy’s inability to bend his elbows, Scrapper is still a solid figure. The design and functionality of all forms work very well, given the limitations presented. The vehicle mode looks great, but the robot mode is even better. Both versions even provide options to utilize Devastator’s accessories for some stellar poses and display. Scrapper is one of the favorite members overall.

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