Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tamashii Buddies Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Review

There weren’t any anime figure reviews done in a while, but that ends now. Today’s review will be Tamashii Buddies Attack on Titan Eren Yeager!

Eren Yeager

The perks to Tamashii Nations’ “Tamashii Buddies” line is the fact that these figures are essentially well crafted models of known anime characters that were shrunk down disproportionately and paired with a simple, yet effective background and stand to keep the market price down. In such regard, Tamashii Buddies Eren Yeager certainly lives up to these reasonable expectations.

Eren’s character and physical features has been presented well on this figure. His facial expression is perfect, as those eyes look very intense and lips appear slightly frowned. Eren’s survey corps uniform is complete with many critical details, including a cloak that was made to look like it was flapping in the air. To add more substance Eren’s uniform, he was also given a pair of swords and vertical maneuvering equipment.

Eren's Stand

To make Eren more displayable, Tamashii Nations included a personalized stand and thin cardboard background. Eren's feet were glued to the base, which ensures he, as a figure, remains stationary. Eren’s specific background is an illustrated close up of his eyes when in Titan mode. The background may be simple and boring to some, but they work well.

Eren's Height


The entire concept and actual product is really cool and admiring. This figure is cute in size, but effectively made to capture the mood and presence of Eren Yeager. Also, the affordable market price of $13 played another factor into the figure’s enjoyability. In closing, Tamashii Buddies Eren Yeager is worth owning.

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