Sunday, October 11, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Mixmaster Review

The last Constructicon member to be reviewed is someone who makes practically any material, solid and liquid, out of a mixer. His name is Mixmaster and he is back once again to capture most of his former self.

Vehicle Mode

For modern relevance, Mixmaster is back as a cement truck, but he is a front discharge mixer this time. The vehicle does offer some great molded details and appropriate ratio of green, purple, and black molded plastic. However, the paint applications seem a bit lacking. Perhaps if the front windshield and grill were a bit wider, the amount of paint would’ve felt a bit more balanced. Overall, Mixmaster’s vehicle mode is above decent.

Robot Mode

As expected, Mixmaster looks like the classic version, but with vast amount of modifications to modernize this design. Mixmaster has nearly the same figure and bulk, as well as kibble. The color selection also follows most of the classic theme, such as the green arms and (lower) legs, purple torso, black helmet, and silver (painted) face.

As an added bonus, Mixmaster is able to hold all of the smaller weapon accessories that eventually become a part of Devastator. He can hold the missile pods, single-barrel blaster, and double-barrel blaster.

Devastator's Left Leg

In combined mode, Mixmaster transforms into Devastator’s left leg. Like Scrapper, the transformation process was pretty straight forward. Although, the direction of the truck’s cab is reversed, the new design still managed to mimic how Mixmaster looked in the 80’s.


Mixmaster's Height

Size Comparison


Mixmaster’s vehicle mode may be lacking a bit, but he is still a good figure overall. His robot mode is clearly stronger in design and functionality. Also, the range of articulation and interaction with the weaponry added more enjoyability out of this toy.

Next time, all Constructicons will already be combined into Devastator. Until then, have an awesome day!

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