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X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 Review

X-Plus surprised many by announcing their second figure added in their special Gigantic Series line. The first figure was GMK Godzilla. Products from the Gigantic Series aren't suit accurate, but they instead take an artistic approach that interprets Daikaiju as more of a living creature, and Burning Godzilla (1995) is another prefect candidate for this line. X-Plus obtained permission to use Kaibutsuya's master mold of their previous Burning Godzilla model kit to create this figure. The one in this review is X-Plus' standard release and not the Ric. Boy Exclusive.


Fellow collectors John Stanowski (Kaiju Addicts) and Rich Eso (Fresh Vinyl Reviews) explained the figure does not need to be heated up with a blow dryer prior to inserting the tail. Doing so will result in Godzilla's tail easily falling off of his body.

In this special case, the tail can plug in as is, with no problems. You may also follow John's extra step of chilling Godzilla's tail over an AC unit to harden the material prior to assembly. Godzilla's massive tail simply cannot fit in most common home refrigerator units, so an AC unit can be quite handy especially for those who want to do the job right during their first attempt.

Do be careful when popping the tail in, as excess twisting can cause the fins to clash that will likely result in paint rubs and loose spines. Also, do not remove the foam inside Godzilla's tail. The filling keeps Godzilla's weight down and stable, especially during the Summer when vinyl gets a bit soft.

Once the tail pops in properly, it will stay in place no matter how many times one shakes it. The only way to remove it is to manually tug Godzilla's tail out.

Design & Details

The biggest draw to this figure is certainly the way Godzilla presents himself. Posing wise, Godzilla looks really ticked off. His right foot steps forward as his arms bend  90 degrees and kept close to each side. Godzilla's tail raises in an 'S' shape, as his head faces forward roaring in anger. On top of that, the intense stare definitely adds more to Godzilla's super psycho look.

The details on this figure is superb. Godzilla's skin texture is a lot more deep and rigid than normal, similar to jagged rocks. Even the mouth is amazingly detailed. Each tooth is individually sculpted, while the mouth and tongue sports rough and bumpy surfaces.

Godzilla's toes are properly spaced out and the same goes for his fingers, but each hand has different expressions. The left hand is posed rather neutral, but the sculpted fingers on Godzilla's right hand curve another way.

Even the size and alignment of each fin are spot on, daresay almost near screen accuracy. The outer edges of those fins have smoother, albeit bumpy textures, whereas the core part of them is a lot rougher, like Godzilla's skin.

Overall, this figure manage to encompass the sort of pain, anger, and suffering Godzilla likely felt as he was near critical mass. There are so many great points to this figure that could be fully admired, when seen in person. Pictures do not do justice.

Paint Job

Godzilla's glowing, burning effect is a mixture of translucent red, orange, and yellow vinyl. The fiery patches and veins span across his chest, legs, and fins. The rest of Godzilla's skin is covered in dark grey paint to match his screen accurate colors. Godzilla's claws, toes, and teeth are beige with brown gradients. The remaining fins that aren't burning are light grey.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison

Here is how Gigantic Godzilla 1995 compares with Bandai's standard and S.H. MonsterArts' Godzilla 1995 figure. SHMA Goji stands a little above the knee cap, and Bandai's vinyl figure is just below the waist.


Anyone who appreciates stylized figures, will not be disappointed with this one. Although the figure isn't screen accurate, this version managed to make Godzilla look more life-like in my eyes. There is barely anything to complain about, and I'm fairly certain these figures will quickly raise in value. I encourage anyone, who really wants this figure, and can manage the money and space for Burning Godzilla, to pick this figure up while the prices are reasonable.


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    1. There are some of these figures still around on eBay. The lowest is $698 not including shipping.

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    3. No problem!

      This link is to the cheapest listing on ebay:

      This other link is to the complete list of GBG figures currently on sale:

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