Saturday, October 31, 2015

Medicom Toy Miracle Action Figure No.48 Mickey Mouse (from "Runaway Brain") Review

Happy Halloween! In consideration for today's holiday, today's review will be about a toy that really captures the Halloween spirit. Medicom Toy released this awesome figure two years ago, which was based on Disney's short film "Runaway Brain." Here is, Medicom Toy Miracle Action Figure No.48 Mickey Mouse (from "Runaway Brain").

Mickey Mouse (from "Runaway Brain")

This figure looks absolutely stunning! Mickey’s facial expression has a lot of creepy stuff going on at the same time. Both eyes are wide open with red veins spread in uniform and is surrounded by dark eyelids above and dark purple bags below. However, the right eye has black pupils, while the left eye is white.

On top of that, Mickey has sharp furrowed brows, saw-like edges around his ears, sharp teeth, and dangling tongue. Mickey also has his fingers extended and curled, similar to a zombie, and tail that bends at different angles in three different points.

Mickey’s poses vary between walking like a lunatic to crawling on all fours. The variety of things Mickey can do certainly does not stray away from his spooky character.

Posing Mickey was a bit daunting at first because he hunches over and his heavy, massive head tends to either tip him over or, on a few occasions, collapse under his weight due to ball joints in his hips and ankles that are a bit loose. However, after quickly figuring out how to properly balance Mickey, posing him became fun and was immediately impressed on how he presents himself in various expressions.

The toy does have a two other issues that must be accepted. First, Mickey’s head pops out of the socket due to a small ball joint and port hole. The head can be popped back in with ease, but remember to treat it delicately, or else you will be fetching Mickey’s rolling head quite often.

Second, Mickey’s tail comes unattached inside the packaging. That piece is made out of thin, soft, and flexible plastic, which must be attached through a ball joint. The tail fits in very snugly, so try not to pop the tail in all the way. If you want Mickey’s tail to point up, down, or some other direction, that piece must come off first, rotate, and attach manually once again. Trying to rotate Mickey’s tail around, while still attached in the socket, may stress or break the plastic.


Mickey's Height


This figure is very appealing for fans of Mickey Mouse or other collectors, who enjoy things with strange, yet great novelty tied in. His physical appearance perfectly captures the scary and creepy vibe from the short film and they certainly shine more in just about every pose that is possible. Mickey does have some faults though, but these problems can be worked with after a short amount of time in tinkering. Overall, this figure is a great item to have in anyone’s collection.

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