Sunday, September 27, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Bonecrusher Review

Today’s review moves on to cover another important piece to assembling Devastator, Bonecrusher. So far, Hasbro’s Constructicon team has been delivering quality results that are above average. However, Bonecrusher’s design may have strayed away from such standards set before.

Vehicle Mode

Bonecrusher’s vehicle mode features just about everything one would reasonably expect from a bulldozer. The toy does display a few similar physical details of Scavenger, specifically the tread moldings and tab locking design. The entire body consists of green and black molded parts, with a few paint applications that prevent this toy from looking very bland. The bulldozer has silver painted grill, headlights, and vents. The windshield and windows have been painted metallic purple, and there’s a purple Decepticon insignia on the bulldozer’s blade.

Robot Mode

Bonecrusher is quite aesthetically pleasing in robot mode. He has similar bulky chest, thin arms, and thin, tread legs, compared to the original G1 toy, but there has also been some touches of modernization.

The modern version has a new head mold that shows some similarities to the G1 cartoon. Bonecrusher’s face is painted a nice shade of silver with a red colored visor. There are also nice silver, red, and purple paint applications on the arms and chest plate.

The only problem is Bonecrusher’s rather flawed leg assembly. The tabbing joints that secure Bonecrusher’s legs below the waist sometimes pops loose, resulting in his legs flopping around and struggling to support the robot’s weight while posing on a few occasions.

A positive aspect to Bonecrusher’s design is his ability to hold a good portion of Devastator’s accessories. He is able to hold the missile pods, double barreled blaster, and single barreled blaster exactly like his teammate Scavenger. Fortunately, his joints were snug enough to raise the heavy missile pods a bit higher than Scavenger’s capacity.

Devastator's Left Arm

Bonecrusher transforms into Devastator’s left arm. The transformation sequence is very easy to pull off. By itself, the articulation seems reasonable, there are universal elbow joints, swiveling wrists, and hinged fingers.


Bone Crusher's Height

Size Comparison


Bonecrusher definitely matches well with his comrades in looks and sizing. This modern take is good overall, but the issues with the leg assembly prevented this toy from getting a perfect score. However, when the tabs are working properly, Bonecrusher is definitely fun to pose.

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