Monday, October 19, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator Review

Concluding the Constructicons review is the almighty Devastator! Currently, Devastator is billed as the tallest combined robot on the market. Although the toy set fits the bill, as advertised, does Devastator satisfy on other levels?


Devastator is a well made figure given whatever limitations Hasbro had. The robot isn't too hollowed out, as most were perfectly concealed. The only tricky part about this combined mode is tabbing the chest piece on the robot. Getting those little tabs and pegs properly aligned at the first try is very daunting. However, when everything comes together perfectly, the design shows off some great quality. The joints are very stiff and sturdy, durable enough to support Devastator's weight and not fold.

The robot has nice molded details all around. The body is decorated in multiple panel lines and other vehicle aesthetics thrown on. As expected, Devastator does have some kibble that came from the construction vehicles, but they are not a hindrance. Devastator’s head was successfully designed to relate old school collectors with the G1 cartoon version, by giving his eyes a red visor paired with a silver face.

The colors are nicely organized, from the fluorescent green to other molded and painted colors. The overall ratio seems just right and appears not so bland at all.

The gun accessory makes a very nice addition to this set. The weapon does not slip out of Devastator's hands easily thanks to a molded tab on his palms and stiff hinged joints rigged inside his fingers that ensure a firm grip.


Devastator's Height

Size Comparison


Hasbro's version certainly wasn't a disappointment, as all reasonable expectations were easily matched and  more on some aspects. The design is nicely executed, joints are stiff and sturdy, and articulation is very handy. If Takara's version is out of reach, this one will be a great addition.

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