Saturday, March 21, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Thundercracker Review

Today, Legends Class Thundercracker will wrap up my coverage of Combiner Wars' first wave, in this sizing scale only. Thundercracker is a retool of IDW Starcream.

Jet Mode

The jet mode is mostly clean from kibble, with the exception of Thundercracker's revealing arms, legs, and head. To the toy's credit, all of the tabs and locking mechanisms are put in great consideration. The plane doesn't feel flimsy or floppy whatsoever.

Thundercracker's paint job is nicely done. The entire jet is molded from blue and black plastic, as well as some soft, rubbery pieces like Thundercracker's nose cone and tail wings. Additionally, the body has gold painted windshields, silver colored panels, and geometric red and white composed wings. The red paint has a nice metallic, sparkly gold touch. Adding more flare to those layers are the Decepticon insignias outlined in white edges.

Robot Mode

Thundercracker is a pretty solid figure even in robot mode. Although the long legs lack a bit of bulk, proportions of those limbs, head, and torso are quite reasonable. All of the ball joints aren't loose either, as this toy can hold any pose within certain limitations.

The best detailing is in Thundercracker's head. The essential head and facial patterns are there, and the silver paint job certainly enhances these looks. Every other part of the body also has a near perfect color accuracy.



Size Comparison


This toy will easily appeal to collectors, who especially want complete the seekers faction. However, in retrospect, Thundercracker will offer the same enjoyment or disappointment one experienced from the previous Generations (30th Anniversary) edition of Starscream, minus a Waspinator Mini-con. In this regard, Thundercracker should be in the low priority list of must have Legends Class Transformers toys.

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