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Transformers Combiner Wars Voyager Class Motormaster Review

The third Stunticon to be reviewed is none other than the leader of this subgroup, Motormaster! Motormaster is the only character, in the Voyager Class, from the second wave. He is a retool of Optimus Prime, and also one of many important pieces needed to complete the assembly of Menasor.

Vehicle Mode

Transforming Motormaster into truck mode can be a tad tricky at first, as the tabs that lock the side fenders together can sometimes pop out of the sockets. However, with a few minutes of tinkering, everything can come together without a hitch. The instruction did forget to mention one extra step in Motormaster's truck transformation that is to flip the spoiler (on the roof) back.

The truck is nicely executed for the most part. All of the detailing is wonderful, from the front end, sculpted grill, windows, side view mirrors, wheel, and even those smoke stacks.

What is lacking though is Motormaster's paint job. The windshields are painted light metallic purple, but the side windows are left mostly bare. Hasbro did try their best to add some pizzazz by coloring the grill silver, head lights copper, side door metallic purple striping, and back cab dark metallic silver. Unfortunately, they didn't work to the fullest potential.

Motormaster's truck mode can store his weapon on the back. The weapon must be split in half and tabbed on each other, then pegged into one out of three spots.

Robot Mode

Combiner Wars' Voyager Optimus Prime seemed to suffer from a wide frame and narrow back. For Motormaster, however, the shape suits this character perfectly. The wide shoulders, blocky shaped head, brute arms, and thick legs look very suitable. Motormaster's facial expression along with those dark eyes give an evil vibe, as Decepticons should.

Motormaster's details reminisce of the G1 toy and cartoon combined, but has shown a new sort of charm. The robot mode's new armor incorporated some layers of horizontal panels normally seen on the G1 toy, but beneath the exterior are all sorts of gears, springs, and other components. Motormaster also has some remnants of the cab truck integrated as well, such as the silver painted grills on his arms and those smoke stacks on top of those shoulders. Unfortunately, the side fender kibble on both forearms can be a tad distracting at some angles.

The G1-esque design collaborated color injected plastic and layers of painted details very tastefully. Most of Motormaster's body is dark flat silver. His back, head (mostly), chest, biceps, elbows, thighs, and feet are black. The robot also sports purple panels, blue face, and a Decepticon insignia on his chest.

Motormaster came with one large sword that is suited for Menasor. The sword, however, can split into a smaller sword and pistol. Both weapons were molded out of dark silver plastic that were painted light silver.

Menasor (Torso) Transformation

Motormaster transforms into Menasor's head and upper torso. The official transformation states Menasor's chest panels should be opened, revealing a big chest cavity. In that cavity, Legends Class Blackjack should be pegged in as a chest plate. However, folks who don't like this option are free to keep the panel closed, or find another Legends Class toy that may be a better match. The possibilities are endless.



Size Comparison


Motormaster showcases a great combination of old and new characteristics. People, who appreciate the original look of Motormaster, will immediately feel connected with the toys blocky figure. Even the color choices won't cast a doubt on which this figure is based on. The truck mode is a little lackluster, Menasor (torso) seems above par, but Motormaster's robot mode is the best. This figure is highly recommended.

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