Sunday, March 29, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Dead End Review

The coverage of Combiner Wars Stunticons continues, as Dead End is up next for a review! Since G1, this character has gone through so many revamps that certainly deviated from the original look. This toy also is no exception, but how does this new look fare?

Vehicle Mode

Dead End was revamped into a glorious sports car. Sources say the design was inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia. Wherever the source of inspiration was from, Dead End has the slickest vehicle mode among the Stunticons.

Besides the awesome shape, Dead End also has nicely sculpted head and tail lights, side view mirrors, and wheels. There is a slight issue with this car, however, as there is close to zero ground clearance that would allow this vehicle to roll smoothly on most surfaces.

Dead End's body is metallic maroon with a cooper stripe stretching from the hood to the tail. The car also has black painted windows, silver coated headlights and wheels, dark metallic silver on the bumper and doors, and a Decepticon insignia on the hood.

The car can store all accessories due to some peg holes. The result, however, takes away the wonderful aesthetics of Dead End.

Robot Mode

The newest design of Dead End successfully managed to boast a lot of qualities that made him really stand out. Dead End's sculpted armor shows a lot of care into this toy's aesthetics. Among the etchings of vast panel lines and other crevices, lies other cool sculpting of piping, axles, or hydraulics.

One drastic change however, is Dead End's newly crafted head. He sports a helmet over a blue visor and copper face shield. If Dead End wasn't a race car, one would think the head reminisce of fighter pilot helmets, instead of racing gear.

Although the presentation looks aces, there is at least one fault to cope with. The bottom of Dead End's feet has nothing, just a gaping cavity. The reason for this sacrifice was to enable Dead End's vehicle transformation.

For this line, Dead End's selected colors for robot mode have also been redone. Most of his body is maroon, the neck; hands, waist, and legs are two different tones of silver. Over those colors injected molds are great touches of paint that really bring the details out.

Dead End is equipped with his very own battle club that is comprised of an exhaust pipe. However, some may argue that the weapon is more like a nightstick. The weapon is molded out of light silver plastic and sports nice detailing in forms of exhaust holes and other grill-like patterns.

Dead End also has a hand/foot piece that is needed for Menasor's transformation. Dead End's piece is distinguished by the flat silver plastic joint inside the hand's opposable thumb. Just like Dragstrip, the hand/foot piece can serve for multiple purposes, such as a double barrel hand cannon, or a shield.

Arm Transformation

Dead End officially transforms into Menasor's left arm. Achieving this transformation requires Dead End to initially be in robot mode.

Leg Transformation

Dead End can also transform into a leg. Achieving this transformation requires Dead End to initially be in vehicle mode.



Size Comparison


Much like Dragstrip, Dead End also managed to give a really good taste of what to expect from this line. The whole package is surprisingly fun, cleverly designed, and detailed. Fans of Transformers, especially the Stunticons, should not think twice about passing this up.

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