Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tamashii Effect Explosion Grey and Red Versions

The newest set of special effects from Tamashii Nations is the Grey and Red Explosion pieces that work well with most of their figures from sentai to anime. However, how do these accessories match with S.H. MonsterArts kaiju figures?

Explosion Pieces

If anyone wishes to recreate scenes of action, explosion, and destruction, getting the grey and red variants is strongly recommended. Both colors certainly go hand in hand when depicting smoke and fire.

The craftsmanship is also top notch for something that suits both looks. Each piece has swirling lines and other various patterns crafted on layers of clouds and spiky tips that resemble an instant reaction of an explosion.

The best part is all these pieces can be used by themselves, or stacked on each other to recreate an even bigger effect. However, stacking these pieces is a bit more complex than they seem.

Each (explosion) piece isn't modeled 360 degrees. Rather, the front side is crafted to perfection, but the back is flat and hollow. To stack the exploding parts exactly like what's pictured on the box, an articulated arm and support base, borrowed from Tamashii Stage Act 4 or other sets, must be used to prop the top stack up. The effort is a bit cumbersome, but the result is quite impressive.

Scaling with S.H. MonsterArts Figures and Accessories

Do the explosion effects perfectly complement S.H. MonsterArts toys and other accessories? Absolutely! Having articulated kaiju figures interact with these props, accompanied with a source of inspiration, can create some great displays and amazing ideas for photographs.


Collectors, who absolutely love to recreate scenes of destruction and chaos with their S.H. MonsterArts or Figuarts toys, will not feel buyer's remorse when they get this set. The crafted detailing is extraordinary and these pieces scale nicely with most kaiju and other figures near the six-inch class.

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