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Transformers Genrations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Dragstrip Review

During the previous coverage of Combiner Wars toys, the first wave of Legends Class Transformers figures was reviewed. This time, there will be a lack of continuity. All of the remaining figures from the first wave will not be reviewed. Instead, the focus will shift on the Stunticons sub-unit that will conclude with the assembling of Menasor. First up, is one-fifths of the Stunticons group. Here is Dragstrip!

Vehicle Mode

Dragstrip transforms into a formula one race car and boy does this car look slick! The best part about this design is there aren't many spots that are empty and full of gaps. Dragstrip is mostly free from these particular peeves.

The car doesn't reveal much of Dragstrip's robot mode, minus the back of his head underneath. The body is yellow with maroon striping, black wheels, and silver painted rims. There are some paint control issues of the driver's seat though, as some black paint blotches can be seen around the edges.

The car mode does offer some weapon storage options. The purple gun/sword can peg into Dragstrip's back bumper, while the extra equipment is attached above the tail end. Overall, these additions do look wacky, but they are very practical.

Robot Mode

This variation of Dragstrip has some great visuals going on. The entire design has certainly added a lot of modern revisions to a classic mold. Dragstrip does sort of have a flat, yet blocky figure, but there are lots of curvy edges and modern formula one race car kibble integrated in the look. Even Dragstrip's head sculpt shows some likeliness to his G1 counterpart.

The color choices of this figure seem like a combination of G1 and the Convention and Club Exclusive variants. Dragstrip's body is mostly yellow with maroon shoulders, outer forearms, head, hands, thighs, feet (partially), and hips. His chest is flat silver plastic, while the biceps and shins are composed of silver paint. Dragstrip's face sports a red painted visor, light blue face, and forehead.

Dragstrip comes with two types of accessories, one is a purple sword/gun weapon combined. The other piece is a foot/hand accessory of Menasor that acts as a tool for multiple purposes. On one hand, Dragstrip can hold the weapon as some kind of double barrel hand cannon. Another option is to peg the foot/hand piece in Dragstrip's shoulder and be some kind of a shield. The option is up to the consumer.

An interesting feature about the foot/hand pieces that come with all Deluxe Class Stunticons is each piece is color coded as a reminder to whom this accessory belong to. In the case of Dragstrip, his foot/hand piece contains a maroon joint rigged in the opposable thumb.

Arm Transformation

Dragstrip officially transforms into a right arm for Menasor. However, he can also be a temporary arm for Superion, as four-fifths of all the aerial bots that make Superion were issued in the first wave, and Dragstrip gives a glimpse of how the combined mode will look like when properly completed. The mere suggestion that a Decepticon could be paired with Autobots in a combined mode seems very ironic.

Leg Transformation

Dragstrip also provides the option to transform him into a leg. Probably to give collectors a chance to swap some parts around, as they did with the original G1 toy. The leg preserves most of the formula one race car look, which made this transformation easily accomplished with roughly six easy steps.


Hasbro really did their best to make their new toys shine through a pretty wide array of articulated joints. Dragstrip has lots of swiveling and bendable joints that will make posing a fun experience for everyone. The only troubling point is Dragstrip's ball jointed head. The joint is a little tight and moving the head around requires some force. Thankfully, the assembly holds together quite well, as there were no stress signs seen on the plastic.



Dragstrip is a solid inclusion into the Combiner Wars line. The car and robot mode are a blast to play with and there are very little factors that could take that enjoyability away. Fans of this character may also feel pleased.

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