Sunday, August 25, 2013

Commander Base + Charger (Kabaya DX Fortress Maximus Box #1)

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to visit this exciting edition of Let's Build A Model! Today, I'll build Box (1/3) of Kabaya's DX Fortress Maximus model kit/candy toy. The first box contains parts for FM's Commander Base and Charger.

Assembling seems pretty straight forward, all pieces snap on together without any need for adhesion. The model kit also comes with a sticker sheet for more details and a piece of gum that loses the fruity flavor after five minutes.

The instructions are printed inside the box, so you have to carefully tear the panels apart to see the assembling plan a lot better.

Now comes the fun part...building!

Step 1.)  Assemble the inner mechanics of the commander base then snap on the panel.

Step 2.) Turn the part over, then piece the ramp together. This process was one of the trickiest because the grey side panel was quite difficult to peg in.

Step 3.) Add some stickers, then piece the tower together.

Step 4.) Assemble the tower, then add more stickers.

Step 5.) Cover the ramp and tower with stickers. Be careful while piecing the Autobot insignia on the tower. The symbol is split in half, and if you're a perfectionist like me, you may need to take some extra time to ensure that the insignia is properly aligned.

Step 6.) Put Charger together, then cover the Autobot with stickers. After that you're done!

Although I summarized the entire process to six steps, the instructions reveal that there are a lot of extra steps taken prior to assembly. There are so many little pieces that comprise the commander base, that a good amount of time is taken out of snipping and/or sanding down some extra plastic bits left over from the sprue; not to mention the time needed to add all of the stickers as well.

The commander base took me over an hour to complete, but I'm pretty sure that other experienced model builders are likely to finish under an hour. But still, this kit is fun to put together, and more satisfying once you see what the finished product is like. If you love Transformers and/or snap on model kits, then Fortress Maximus will be another exciting project to take on!

I'll give a very quick review of the commander base and Charger on another post to give you a better view of the model.

On the next edition of Let's Build A Model!, Box #2 of Kabaya's DX Fortress Maximus model kit. The second piece to this set is called, the "Launcher Base + Fortress." See you next time!

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